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  • E-BooksŚaivism and the Tantric Traditions Essays in Honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson

    Śaivism and the Tantric Traditions Essays in Honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson
    Śaivism and the Tantric Traditions: Essays in Honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson by Dominic Goodall
    English | August 6, 2020 | ISBN: 9004432663 | 632 pages | PDF | 5 MB
    This book is a collection of essays in honour of Alexis G. J. S. Sanderson, a pioneering Indologist and historian of religion. The essays shed new light on the tantric traditions, religious art and architecture, and Sanskrit belles lettres.

    Table of contents :
    List of Figures and Tables
    Notes on Contributors
    A Note on Alexis Sanderson and Indology (Goodall and Isaacson)
    Bibliography of the Published Works of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson (1983-2019)
    Introduction (Goodall, Hatley, Isaacson and Raman)
    Part 1. Early Śaivism
    Chapter 1. From Mantramārga Back to Atimārga: Atimārga as a Self-referential Term (Bisschop)
    Chapter 2. Why Are the Skull-Bearers (Kāpālikas) Called Soma? (Törzsök)
    Chapter 3. Dressing for Power: On vrata, caryā, and vidyāvrata in the Early Mantramārga, and on the Structure of the Guhyasūtra of the Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā (Goodall)
    Part 2. Exegetical and Philosophical Traditions
    Chapter 4. Further Thoughts on Rāmakaṇṭha's Relationship to Earlier Positions in the Buddhist-Brāhmaṇical Ātman Debate (Watson)
    Chapter 5. Some Hitherto Unknown Fragments of Utpaladeva's Vivṛti (II): Against the Existence of External Objects (Ratié)
    Chapter 6. Alchemical Metaphors for Spiritual Transformation in Abhinavagupta's Īśvarapratyabhijñāvimarśinī and Īśvarapratyabhijñāvivṛtivimarśinī (Wallis)
    Chapter 7. On Vāgīśvarakīrti's Influence in Kashmir and among the Khmer (Szántó)
    Chapter 8. Reflections on the King of Ascetics (Yatirāja): Rāmānuja in the Devotional Poetry of Vedānta Deśika (Raman)
    Part 3. Religion, the State, and Social History
    Chapter 9. Not to Worry, Vasiṣṭha Will Sort It Out: The Role of the Purohita in the Raghuvaṃśa (Dezső)
    Chapter 10. Buddhism, Kingship and the Protection of the State: The Suvarṇaprabhāsottamasūtra and Dhāraṇī Literature (Hidas)
    Chapter 11. Adapting Śaiva Tantric Initiation for Exoteric Circles: The Lokadharmiṇī Dīkṣā and Its History in Early Medieval Sources (Mirnig)
    Chapter 12. Innovation and Social Change in the Vale of Kashmir, circa 900-1250C.E. (Nemec)
    Chapter 13. Toward a History of the Navarātra, the Autumnal Festival of the Goddess (Sarkar)
    Part 4. Mantra, Ritual, and Yoga
    Chapter 14. Śārikā's Mantra (Hanneder)
    Chapter 15. The Kāmasiddhistuti of King Vatsarāja (Acharya)
    Chapter 16. The Lotus Garland (padmamālā) and Cord of Power (śaktitantu): The Brahmayāmala's Integration of Inner and Outer Ritual (Hatley)
    Chapter 17. The Amṛtasiddhi: Haṭhayoga's Tantric Buddhist Source Text (Mallinson)
    Chapter 18. A Sexual Ritual with Māyā in Matsyendrasaṃhitā 40 (Kiss)
    Chapter 19. Haṭhayoga's Floruit on the Eve of Colonialism (Birch)
    Part 5. Art and Architecture
    Chapter 20. The Early Śaiva Maṭha: Form and Function (Mills)
    Chapter 21. The Kriyāsaṃgrahapañjikā of Kuladatta and its Parallels in the Śaiva Pratiṣṭhātantras (Tanemura)
    Chapter 22. Mañjuśrī as Ādibuddha: The Identity of an Eight-armed Form of Mañjuśrī Found in Early Western Himalayan Buddhist Art in the Light of Three Nāmasaṃgīti-Related Texts (Tribe)
    Chapter 23. Life and Afterlife of Sādṛśya: Revisiting the Citrasūtra through the Nationalism-Naturalism Debate in Indian Art History (Dave-Mukherji)

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