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Ask Video - Ozone 10 201 Mastering With Ozone

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Ask Video - Ozone 10 201 Mastering With Ozone
Ask Video Ozone 10 201 Mastering With Ozone TUTORiAL
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Mastering music is often said to be a mysterious and difficult task, but Ozone 10 makes it easier than ever to quickly add that final polish to your tracks. In this 20-tutorial hands-on course, producer Olav Basoski takes you on a mastering journey as he masters one of his own house track and shows you precisely how he proceeds.
Olav starts by looking at the AI features of Ozone 10, demonstrating how to get quick results with the Mastering Assistant and the new Impact and Stabilizer modules. He then adds spice to his mastering chain using the great-sounding Vintage compressor and Low-End Focus modules. You learn to tame resonant frequencies and sweeten the sound of your master with the EQ module, before adding weight to your sound with Vintage Tape.
Next, Olav demonstrates how an Exciter can bring more liveliness and organic sound to a digital master. He covers the Dynamics module and demonstrates how it can do both downward and upward compression. You also learn to use the Imager to control the stereo image of your master. and of course, how to add the desired level of loudness with the Maximizer.
So sit back, enjoy and learn as Olav shares his mastering workflow with iZotope Ozone 10.

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