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Organic Expressive Florals with Watercolor and Ink

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Organic Expressive Florals with Watercolor and Ink
Organic Expressive Florals: with Watercolor and Ink
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This class is a relaxed exploration of expressive florals laid down in watercolor with essential inky details. As a Top Teacher here on Skillshare many students have wondered how I achieve seemingly effortless watercolour florals which stay fresh and vibrant, rather than too tight, or overworked. But how to go about it?
In this class I will share insights and best practices for producing expressive watercolours, including clearing the headspace for flowing florals. Along with playful exercises we will shift our attention from the need to portray accurate depictions, insteadsimplifying down to capture the essence of your flower.
The warm up exercises include
Shape studiesValues studiesColor mixingInking studies
The guiding principles I present  like shape, value and colour mixing tips can be applied easily to any subject matter you decide to paint, and still achieve the same spontaneous results.
Big brushes and vibrant colourscan take centre stage in this approach along with bolder contrasts and descriptive ink line. There arethree full length floral demonstrationsin which I take you through my entire process.
Whether you are just starting out with watercolours or are well versed with this medium I will present a very unique and intuitive way of working that will  produce enchanting wild flowers depictions.

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