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Introduction to Food Sketching An Italian Breakfast in Watercolor

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Introduction to Food Sketching An Italian Breakfast in Watercolor
Introduction to Food Sketching: An Italian Breakfast in Watercolor
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Do you dream of sketching and painting the world around you in watercolor, but don't know where to start?Then this class is for you!
Food illustration is a lovely way to start sketching your everyday life!  I'll be teaching you aloose and sketchyapproach to watercolor food illustration without fear.
Hi! I'mElisabetta, an Italian artistbased in Turin. I started drawing and painting later in my life and I discovered thatanyone can learnthrough practice: art is a wonderful journey!
With this class, I want to get you started painting food, and share some tips on how to approach color, composition and depth more intuitively, so they become second nature to you the more you practice. For your class project, we'll be sketching and painting some Italian food together, my favorite:a True Italian Breakfast in Ink and Watercolor.

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