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Microsoft Power Automate Flow Foundations A-Z

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Microsoft Power Automate Flow Foundations A-Z
Last updated 9/2020
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Become a leader in a exciting and growing industry!

What you'll learn
A strong understanding of Flow
Industry Leading Practices and Standards
How to build a end to end flow!
AI Builder
Sharepoint, Twitter integration and more!
Just yourself
Ever wish the mundane daily tasks could be automated?Learn from an instructor who delivers enterprise Automation projects and has been actively involved in engagements that has won global RPA awards.Intelligent Automation is at the forefront of disruption, also known as the "digital workforce". It is transforming the efficiency of every organization function from finance, tax, HR and IT. This saves hundreds of hours of peoples time to focus on more higher value tasks.What does this mean for you?There are HUGE opportunities in this space right now, RPA grew by 63.1% in 2018 to $846 million. It is currently the fasted-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. This course will enable you to get a first mover opportunity in this market, and also prepare yourself if your role is at risk!What will this course do for you?This course will give you a clear overview of the Microsoft flow. We will develop our very own flow to automate a manual process!Further to this we also take a look at the best practices when it comes to implementing your flows in enterprise grade environments, along the way you will also encounter common issues working through to resolve them. Hint - without help this takes up a tremendous amount of time otherwise! All this is taught in a manner that is akin to hands on experience.Key learning on this course:Understanding of flow key conceptsIntegration with various tools (SharePoint, Twitter, Email and more)AI Builder - integrate machine learning into your flowsAdvanced flow with API callsScheduling and approval flowsAll my courses include: Unlimited lifetime access to the courseMy help is always available - my support is legendary on UDemy and my YouTube channel
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course structure
Lecture 3 Your first flow in under 5 minutes
Lecture 4 Flow on the go - mobile!
Lecture 5 Key elements of flow
Lecture 6 Flow - pricing
Section 2: Triggers
Lecture 7 Triggers overview
Lecture 8 Schedule
Lecture 9 On events - when something happens!
Section 3: Actions and connectors - lets monitor a twitter feed!
Lecture 10 Capturing tweets overview
Lecture 11 Capture tweets and email
Lecture 12 Whiteboarding - items & arrays
Lecture 13 What is dynamic content?
Section 4: Variables
Lecture 14 Intro
Lecture 15 Text, Numbers, Booleans
Lecture 16 Lists, Arrays
Lecture 17 Expressions
Lecture 18 Expressions - a roundabout way of cleaning up a string
Lecture 19 Wrapup
Section 5: Sharepoint project and real life use case
Lecture 20 Intro
Lecture 21 How to get a free SharePoint site for 90 days
Lecture 22 Sharepoint list setup
Lecture 23 Adding to a list
Lecture 24 Adding with form input
Lecture 25 Deleting from a list
Lecture 26 Updating in a list
Lecture 27 Query list items - OData introduction
Lecture 28 Query Sharepoint items in flow
Lecture 29 Sharepoint list - what to watch out for!
Lecture 30 Sharepoint Wrapup
Section 6: Control Flow
Lecture 31 Intro
Lecture 32 If statements
Lecture 33 For each
Lecture 34 Do until
Lecture 35 Switch
Lecture 36 Wrapup
Section 7: Twitter part 2
Lecture 37 Intro
Lecture 38 Flow premium account 90 day trial
Lecture 39 Tracking notable tweets with > 100 followers
Lecture 40 Post to Twitter with the approval flow
Lecture 41 Get tweets and save them in an excel document
Lecture 42 Scheduling a flow and posting to twitter
Lecture 43 Wrapup
Section 8: Advanced control flow
Lecture 44 Intro
Lecture 45 Branching - parallel steps
Lecture 46 Merging a branch
Lecture 47 Scope
Lecture 48 Termination
Section 9: AI Builder & Machine Learning
Lecture 49 Intro
Lecture 50 Sentiment Analysis
Lecture 51 Image to text
Lecture 52 Flow error handling
Lecture 53 Custom model to detect animals!
Lecture 54 Detecting animals in a flow
Lecture 55 AI Builder wrapup
Section 10: Advanced Flow
Lecture 56 Intro
Lecture 57 Postman
Lecture 58 What is a HTTP request
Lecture 59 What is JSON
Lecture 60 Trigger a flow from a HTTP request
Lecture 61 HTTP call in flow to an external API
Lecture 62 Wrapup
Section 11: Congratulations!
Lecture 63 Course wrapup
Business Process Specialists,New Automation Specialists,Those who want to learn Flow,Keen to follow leading practices


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