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UIPath RPA Tutorial - Zero To Advanced RPA UIPath Developer

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UIPath RPA Tutorial - Zero To Advanced RPA UIPath Developer
Last updated 5/2019
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Start your RPA Journey from Zero to Hero with UIPath

What you'll learn
What, Why and use-cases of Robotic Process Automation
UIPath Introductions
Everything about UIPath from Basic to Certification
UIPath Studio
UIPath Robot
UIPath Orchestrator
PDF Automation
Excel, Word Automation
EMail Automation
Application Automation
UIPath Recorder
Browser Automation
Data Entry and Data Scraping
Build Real-time Robots
UIPath Certification Details
A Modern PC or Laptop with Windows OS
Zeal to learn and implement automation with RPA Tool
Basic logic and any coding language basics would be added advantage
Robotic Process Automation RPA is one of the buzzing word in the world technology market. Learning RPA now is one of the best thing for your future. This course covers from very basics of RPA UIPath to advanced certification level. Course Covers:- RPA, UIPath intorduction, Basics- UIPath Studio, Robot and orchestrator- UIPath Certification Details- Email, Excel, Word, PDF, Application, Websites Automation- Debugging- Build and deploy Real-time robotsNote: This course helps you to learn from Basic to certification level. But It doesn't guarantee you to get the UIPath developer certification. However, It has some samples that helps you to give the flavor and help in certification exam.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 About the Course
Lecture 2 About Me
Lecture 3 What is RPA?
Lecture 4 Use Cases
Lecture 5 RPA Tools , Jobs and Future
Section 2: UIPath Introduction
Lecture 6 UIPath Intro and advantages
Lecture 7 UIPath Products, versions
Lecture 8 UIPath installation and setup
Lecture 9 UIPath Interface
Lecture 10 Installing/Managing Packages
Lecture 11 First Project
Lecture 12 Project Structure, Annotations and logs
Section 3: Basics
Lecture 13 Automation Basics
Lecture 14 Sequence, Variables, Datatypes
Lecture 15 Conditions
Lecture 16 Understanding Switch Condition
Lecture 17 User Input
Lecture 18 Loops
Lecture 19 Flowchart
Lecture 20 Summary and Assignment
Section 4: PDF Automation
Lecture 21 PDF Text Extraction
Lecture 22 Scanned PDF Text Extraction
Lecture 23 PDF Activities
Section 5: Word Automation
Lecture 24 Application Scope
Lecture 25 Text Manipulation
Lecture 26 Export to PDF
Section 6: Browser Automation
Lecture 27 Basic Browser Activities
Lecture 28 Web Data Entry
Lecture 29 Web Data Scraping
Section 7: Excel Automation
Lecture 30 Read From Excel
Lecture 31 Write to Excel
Lecture 32 Excel Activities
Section 8: UIPath Features
Lecture 33 Debugging
Lecture 34 Understanding Selectors
Lecture 35 UIExplorer
Lecture 36 UIPath Recorder
Lecture 37 Basic Recorder
Lecture 38 Desktop Recorder
Lecture 39 Web Recorder
Lecture 40 Understanding F2 Pause
Lecture 41 Monitor User Events
Lecture 42 Screen Scraping
Lecture 43 Exception Handling
Lecture 44 Invoke Workflow
Section 9: Application Automation
Lecture 45 Open/close Application
Lecture 46 Application Operations
Lecture 47 File Operations
Section 10: Email Automation
Lecture 48 Email Activities
Lecture 49 Read Emails
Lecture 50 Send Emails
Lecture 51 Outlook activities
Section 11: Database Automation
Lecture 52 Connect /Disconnect to DataBase
Lecture 53 Execute queries and Non-queries
Lecture 54 Insert and Start Transaction activities
Section 12: UIPath Robot
Lecture 55 Robot Intro and types
Lecture 56 Publish and run Bot
Lecture 57 Copy Robot process to other machine
Section 13: UIPath Orchestrator
Lecture 58 Orchestrator Intro
Lecture 59 Orchestrator account and interface
Lecture 60 Connecting Robot to Orchestrator
Lecture 61 Machines, Bots, Environments
Lecture 62 Packages, processes and jobs
Lecture 63 Schedule bot from orchestrator
Lecture 64 Assets
Lecture 65 Orchestrator Activities
Lecture 66 Queues and Transactions
Lecture 67 Orchestrator Recap
Section 14: Realtime robot Automation Examples
Lecture 68 PDF Invoices to Single Excel
Lecture 69 Extract Amazon sales items details
Lecture 70 Data Entry from Excel to Web form
Section 15: Templates
Lecture 71 Library
Lecture 72 Transactional
Lecture 73 Agent Process
Section 16: REFramework - Robotic Enterprise Framework
Lecture 74 State Machine
Lecture 75 Understanding ReFramework
Lecture 76 REFramework Example
Section 17: UIPath Certification
Lecture 77 UIPath web presence
Lecture 78 Theory Quiz and Practical Details
Anyone who is curious to learn RPA - Robotic Process Automation,Anyone who wants to brighten their career in RPA


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