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Watercolor Landscapes Painting The Day (Sunrise, Sunset, And Midnight)

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Watercolor Landscapes Painting The Day (Sunrise, Sunset, And Midnight)
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Watercolor Landscapes Painting The Day (Sunrise, Sunset, And Midnight)

About This Class
Class Project
About this class
Let's retreat to the oceanside and the mountain tops as we paint three dreamy, loose watercolor landscapes together. Join me as we paint a watercolor sunrise, sunset, and midnight sky.
In this class, I will start off by sharing with you the wonderful watercolor technique known as wet on wet painting. I will teach you how wet on wet technique creates soft, loose background washes. We will also learn why our watercolors sometimes can become muddy and how to avoid that. We will then move on to paint our loose landscapes together to depict different times of the day.
What You'll Learn
-How to paint a smooth wet on wet background wash
-How to avoid getting muddy colors when painting a landscape, and tips for what to do if it happens.
-How to paint watercolor loosely
-How to paint sunlight with watercolor
-How to use white gouache to paint stars
In this course, we will be painting landscapes very loosely. If you are struggling with letting go with watercolor, this class is for you! It does not take many brush strokes to paint a beautiful landscape. This class is valuable for both beginners learning how to paint landscapes as well as intermediate watercolor artists who are looking for inspiration.
By the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of how to paint soft and loose watercolor skies.
What you'll need
You will need watercolor paper, watercolor paint, some watercolor brushes and a willingness to have fun!
Let's get started!
I hope that our time together is relaxing and fun, and that you are able to learn a few new watercolor tricks. Let go, relax, and allow your creativity to fuel you. Excited you are here — See you in class!
Project Guide
Class Project
The class project for this class is to paint any of the three landscape projects and to post it to the project gallery. Feel free to make these landscapes your own, by using your own color palette and making each piece a landscape that says your name and style on it.
All three finished pieces of mine are in the resources section if you need it as a reference.
Lesson 1:Class Introduction
Lesson 2:All the Supplies
Lesson 3:Wet on Wet Technique & Soft Backgrounds
Lesson 4:Project 1 Sunrise
Lesson 5:Project 2 Sunset
Lesson 6:Project 3 Midnight
Lesson 7:Class Project


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