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How To Woodgrain With Confidence Create A Realistic Faux Birch Panel

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How To Woodgrain With Confidence Create A Realistic Faux Birch Panel
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How To Woodgrain With Confidence Create A Realistic Faux Birch Panel

About This Class
The project for this class:
About this class
This is a basic woodgraining class which aims at explain the foundation and the idea of painting a realistic faux Birch-wood panel. The class is made for everyone, from beginners all the way through to professionals.
What will you learn
How to woodgrain like a master craftsman/woman in the 21st century with water-based medias.
How to understand the basics of heart-grain and straight-grain, where to place knots and what to think about when it comes to overglazing with moirés and flames.
And also the use of different tools, such as sponges and brushes to achieve a realistic faux Birch panel.
Why you should take this class
Every time I open my portfolio with a wood-grained panel in front of a client I get the 'WOW factor', even if I'm not pitching for a woodgraining job. For a client to see these skills, almost always gets them on 'the hook'.
The techniques I'm using are the exact techniques I would use on-site, therefor I know that they work and are not too time-consuming. Speed is something that will come with practice.
These processes can easily be adapted to pretty much all interior elements, from doors to walls, ceilings and floors. and also exterior if using the right products.
I've got several years in the trade as a decorative artist, starting in Sweden, New York City and now living in London. Working at some of the most prestigious hotels, museums and private residences over the world.
Who this class is for
This class is for everyone, from beginners all the way through to professionals. I'm a firm believer that anyone can gain something from this class. This class will showcase the basics but also give you an in-depth understanding of a wide range of woodgraining techniques. These techniques will be something I will refer to later on, in other woodgraining classes.
Canvas or something to paint on.
Basecoat in given colour (preferably eggshell or satin)
Low tack tape
Rullers and Set square
Acrylic Glaze (Golden Pro, HV'Art or equivalent)
Acrylic colours (Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber and Ultramarine blue)
Varnish or Lacquer
Application brush
Badger brush
Spalter 80mm
Pointed Artist brush
Hoghair Fitch
Viscose Sponge
Project Guide
The project for this class:
You will learn how to paint a faux Birch wood panel on canvas or on any other surface you wish to transform. You will learn what tools to use and how to use them correctly. This techniques are Bread and Butter for both beginners and more advanced painters, artists or anyone who wants to broaden their skillbase.
Skills that you will learn
How to measure your panel correctly
How to basecoat
How to layout and tape
How to use the brushes and sponges
How to paint Birch heart-wood
How to paint Birch straight-grain
How to layer the glaze to gain depth to the panel
How to create effects in the overglaze to bring the panel alive
How to properly Varnish the panel
I can't wait to see what you have painted using my techniques. I would love to see progress shots, set-ups and finished panels. Everything is welcome and I promise to give you all individual feedback as you go along.
I have attached a sketch of the panel that we are going to paint, this you can print and use as a mock-up if you feel like it. I always make sketches of the panel before I start painting. Especially to make sure the composition 'feels' right.
And I have attached the information for all the measurements in both cm and inches.
Lesson 1:Introduction
Lesson 2:Project
Lesson 3:Birch - Measure and Basecoat
Lesson 4:Birch - Layout and Measurement
Lesson 5:Birch - Heart Grain
Lesson 6:Birch - Straight Grain
Lesson 7:Birch - Overglaze the Heart Grain
Lesson 8:Birch - Overglaze Stiles and Rails
Lesson 9:Birch - Varnish and Reveal our Work
Lesson 10:Conclusion

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