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Value Investing Formula Of 98% Yearly Returns With Proof

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Value Investing Formula Of 98% Yearly Returns With Proof
Published 11/2022
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Investing formula with authentic back tested results of over a decade, no gimmick no BS.

What you'll learn
Generate extraordinary returns
objective way of Investment without any variable
100% Authentic data with back testing of over a decade
Learnings from Benjamin graham and warren buffet
Bare basics of mathematics, investment
Invest with formula based on value investor Benjamin graham, Larry Williams and Warren buffet.the formula has utilized most efficient of fundamental parameters to give a great results, The formula was found after going through thousands and thousands of back testing with multiple combination of parameters.What is Value Investing Value investing is a long-term strategy that involves buying and holding undervalued securities, real estate, or other financial assets. However, it is more prevalent in the stock market, where investors buy equities that trade below their intrinsic, inherent, or book value. Any future gain in value generates profits for investors.This investment strategy requires buyers to conduct a comprehensive fundamental analysis of a company to determine its underlying value. Value investing entails analyzing financial statements and other metrics like P/E, P/B, PEG, D/E ratio, etc. Investing in underpriced stocks allows traders to build wealth from the price increase in the long run.Value investing is a long-term investment strategy that entails purchasing and keeping discounted shares, bonds, real estate, and other financial assets. Investors profit from any future increase in value.The market undervalues a stock due to panic trading, the poor state of the economy, struggling corporate performance, not-so-good business news, market crashes, and cyclicality.Investors perform a comprehensive analysis of the company that includes analyzing financial statements, balance sheets, P/E, P/B, PEG, and D/E ratio to assess its underlying value.Value investing is not the same as growth investing, which is buying stocks that have a chance of outperforming the market.But But But we have a catch here we are not investing for long term as the dynamics of company may change in long term, So we are utilizing, efficacy of value investing with optimized duration of holding.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Important parameters to value a stock
Lecture 2 Book Value & Price to book value
Lecture 3 Back testing Price to book less than 1
Lecture 4 EPS
Lecture 5 PE Ratio
Lecture 6 PEG Ratio
Lecture 7 ROCE
Lecture 8 Piotroski score
Lecture 9 Promoters holding
Lecture 10 Net Profit Margin
Lecture 11 Graham Number / Graham Ratio
Lecture 12 Price to sales
Section 3: The Formula which provides 98% return with backtesting and proof
Lecture 13 The Formula and Results with Complete details
Section 4: Epilogue
Lecture 14 Final words
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