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Sell Like A Millionaire Build Your B2B Presentation Skills

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Sell Like A Millionaire Build Your B2B Presentation Skills
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Sell Like A Millionaire Build Your B2B Presentation Skills

About This Class
The project encourages you to practice what we covered in class!
It's tiring to be locked up in a loop where you as an entrepreneur or a sales agent do a very good job getting a meeting, but then never being able to close a deal.
It's frustrating to read every single book about negotiations and how to close deals, but not being able to apply your learnings. With this course, this should be over!
This course will cover the essential skills required for closing deals, negotiating contracts and selling services/products
Sell Like A Millionaire course highlights the fundamentals of negotiation and some of the most significant notions about sales meetings and presentations
It will provide you with a clear path and vision of how and when you can introduce yourself and services during a meeting, how and when to negotiate prices and discounts, how to handle tuff situations where you get asked questions that you don't have answers for, how and when to step back in a meeting, and a lot more!
This course includes real life examples of emails that you can use in your cold-emailing processes
It's never enough to 'get' a meeting, it's only good when you 'close' a meeting. This course will take you from constantly losing opportunities, to raising your win rates to its highest potential
Welcome! and see you in the course.
Project Guide
The project encourages you to practice what we covered in class!
You're asked to prepare a stunning presentation about a specific service or product, it could be about your actual business and its offering, using any screen recording tool, record your 5-10 minutes presentation!
Imagine yourself presenting to an actual listener and trying to win their attention and making them 'enjoy' the presentation!
Remember all the important components of a good presentation when you're presenting, and finally, submit the video!
Please note: camera is recommended, but it's not needed if you're only willing to showcase the presentation. Enjoy and Good luck!
Lesson 1:Course Introduction
Lesson 2:Outline and Objectives
Lesson 3:The Value Equation: Rule Number 1
Lesson 4:The Value Equation: Rule Number 2
Lesson 5:The Value Equation: Rule Number 3
Lesson 6:The 2 Don't Dos
Lesson 7:True Meaning of Equals
Lesson 8:Negotiation: Scenario 1
Lesson 9:Negotiation: Scenario 2
Lesson 10:Negotiation: Scenario 3
Lesson 11:Negotiation: Scenario 4
Lesson 12:Understanding the Concept
Lesson 13:Every Idea is a Step
Lesson 14:Practice
Lesson 15:Definition
Lesson 16:Setting Terms and Conditions
Lesson 17:Refusing Disrespectfulness
Lesson 18:Stepping Back
Lesson 19:Setting Expectations
Lesson 20:Section 5b Enjoy Your Story


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