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The New Sat Video Series
Last updated 2/2019
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The NEW SAT Video Series prepares students for the changing SAT and PSAT exams.

What you'll learn
maximize their score on the SAT.
garner skills that can be not only be used on the SAT, but also on the ACT their regular education classes.
Students that take this course must be willing to put in a large amount of work on the side practicing SAT questions. Just by listening and following examples, you will NOT be sufficiently prepared to take the test. When you take the test, you will be doing a grueling marathon of questions in a timed environment, you need to prepare by putting in the hours of work that is required.
It is recommended that you purchase the NEW Official SAT Study Guide by College Board for this course. We will provide the instruction, but The Official SAT Study Guide will provide the practice. In addition, while the course provides you with materials for taking notes, you may want to consider purchasing the Master Scholars Student Workbook, on Amazon, if you don't wish to print excessive amounts of copies.
Students taking this class are expected to have basic high school level abilities in math and English. While we will provide you with the strategies needed to maximize your score, it will be expected that you have a basic understanding of the topics being discussed. Don't worry, we will be teaching you, but the things we mention should at least sound familiar to you when we bring them up.
This course provides an in-depth overview of the NEW SAT, which starts with this years PSAT in October 2015 and continues with the SAT in March 2016. Every example and concept directly correlates to concepts that are taught on the new SAT. The SAT is a curved test; College Board first looks at the results from the test makers and fits scores into a "bell curve". Since most students will not be used to the new test, you should begin preparing now and get "ahead of the curve"!Each lesson is taught in a format similar to that of Khan Academy; lessons are taught through video where you can see the instructors work and explanations. It is important that you follow the order of the lessons, as some topics build on each other. After every math lesson, you will be given a chart that correlates to questions in The Official SAT Study Guide (Not affiliated with this course or Master Scholars). Once you learn a new skill, test your new-found knowledge on REAL SAT questions from the source (must purchase separately, but the tests in The Official SAT Study Guide are the same as the four tests released by Khan Academy, which you can download for free on their site).This course has a book that you can purchase which includes all the questions that are covered in the class and the charts for each one. While this book is not required, it could be convenient while you are working through the lessons. Pdf's of each lesson are available in the course if you wish to print each one before working through the lessons in lieu of purchasing the book.This course covers all aspects of the test and gives students strategies and knowledge that they can use to be successful on the test. In order to maximize your score, understand that practice is what will get you there. We are here to guide you on your journey, but you must put in the effort. Good Luck!
Section 1: SAT Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction file and Math charts to be used as homework
Section 2: Math Basics
Lecture 3 Math Intro/Plugging In
Lecture 4 Working Backwards
Lecture 5 Converting Equations
Lecture 6 Bite-Sized Pieces
Lecture 7 Process of Elimination
Section 3: Arithmetic
Lecture 8 Rates, Ratios, and Conversions
Lecture 9 Percentages
Lecture 10 Two-Way Frequency Charts
Lecture 11 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
Lecture 12 Read Data and Make Conclusions
Section 4: Algebra 1
Lecture 13 Solving Equations and Inequalities
Lecture 14 Slope
Lecture 15 Equations of Lines
Lecture 16 Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Lecture 17 Finding a Graph to Match a Situation
Section 5: Geometry
Lecture 18 Geometry Basics/Volume
Lecture 19 Right Triangles
Lecture 20 Triangles
Lecture 21 Circles
Section 6: Algebra 2/Advanced Topics
Lecture 22 Functions and Applications
Lecture 23 Quadratic Functions
Lecture 24 Polynomials
Lecture 25 Exponential Functions
Lecture 26 Radical and Rational Functions
Lecture 27 Complex Numbers
Lecture 28 Line/Curve of Best Fit
Section 7: Reading
Lecture 29 Reading Introduction
Lecture 30 Reading - Passage 1
Lecture 31 Reading - Passage 2
Lecture 32 Reading - Passage 3
Section 8: Writing
Lecture 33 Writing Introduction
Lecture 34 Writing Intro Part 2
Lecture 35 Parts of Speech
Lecture 36 Sentence Structure
Lecture 37 Shorter = Better
Lecture 38 Commas, Colons, Semi-Colons, and Dashes
Lecture 39 Trimming the Fat
Lecture 40 Modifiers
Lecture 41 Nouns and Pronouns
Lecture 42 Verbs
Lecture 43 Faulty Comparisons
Lecture 44 Idioms, Diction, Register
Lecture 45 Adding/Deleting/Revising
Lecture 46 Transitions
Lecture 47 Sentence/Paragraph Order
Lecture 48 Reading Charts
Section 9: Essay
Lecture 49 Essay Intro
Lecture 50 Practice Essay Review Part 1
Lecture 51 Practice Essay Review Part 2
Lecture 52 Practice Essay Review Part 3
Section 10: Practice Test #1 Solutions
Lecture 53 Test 1 Section 1 Passage 1
Lecture 54 Test 1 Section 1 Passage 2
Lecture 55 Test 1 Section 1 Passage 3
Lecture 56 Test 1 Section 1 Passage 4
Lecture 57 Test 1 Section 1 Passage 5
Lecture 58 Test 1 Section 2 Passage 1
Lecture 59 Test 1 Section 2 Passage 2
Lecture 60 Test 1 Section 2 Passage 3
Lecture 61 Test 1 Section 2 Passage 4
Lecture 62 Test 1 Section 3 (#1-6)
Lecture 63 Test 1 Section 3 (#7-11)
Lecture 64 Test 1 Section 3 (#12-17)
Lecture 65 Test 1 Section 3 (#18-20)
Lecture 66 Test 1 Section 4 (#1-8)
Lecture 67 Test 1 Section 4 (#9-13)
Lecture 68 Test 1 Section 4 (#14-19)
Lecture 69 Test 1 Section 4 (#20-25)
Lecture 70 Test 1 Section 4 (#26-30)
Lecture 71 Test 1 Section 4 (#31-38)
It is expected that you have a basic knowledge of High School level math up to at least Algebra 2. If you struggle mightily in math, you may still take this course, but may need to supplement your skills during certain sections. Average to above average students should be able to follow the instruction and quickly apply the skills learned.,This class can be taken with no supplementary materials, but doing so will hinder your progress. Purchase the following book: The Official SAT Study Guide (For the NEW SAT starting in March 2016) by the CollegeBoard. CollegeBoard is the maker of the SAT and is the go to resource for official SAT practice. This course provides gives homework and math concordance charts to The Official SAT Study to practice specific skills. If you don't wish to purchase the book, you can download the tests on Khan Academy. The first four practice tests for the new SAT from Khan Academy are the same as those in The Official SAT Study Guide.


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