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Sheet Metal Design Rules For Mechanical Designers

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Sheet Metal Design Rules For Mechanical Designers
Last updated 7/2020
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Learn all the design considerations to be kept in mind while designing a manufacturable sheet metal part.

What you'll learn
Sheet Metal Design Considerations; a designer must keep in his mind while design a sheet metal part
Although there are no prerequistes for this course but you shoould be aware of any CAD software so that you can practice on rules after watching the class.
If you are planning to become a sheet metal designer or product design, then this is the right course for you. In this course, you will learn about design considerations; a designer needs to keep in mind while designing a product.I have not discussed any sheet metal operation here. I am discussing the consideration which a designer should use so that sheet metal parts do not get deform while manufacturing. Overall, 20 considerations have been discussed in the course. Students can make a list of all the points and use the values when they are designing parts in sheet metal. You will also get a detailed lecture on flat length so that your basics are clear before proceeding with the other design features.Pre-requisites - There are no pre-requisites for this course; you should know about only CAD software as without any CAD knowledge you will not be able to practice.Course Outcomes- After completing this course, you would have detailed knowledge of 1. Calculating Flat Length2. Extruded Holes3. Holes4. Bends5. Embossment6. Cut7. Hem8. Notch9. Dimples10. Gusset11. Counterbore12. Countersinks13. Lance14. Burrs15. Offset bends16. Knife Edges17. Fillets18. Uniform Thickness19. Welding20. Stiffener21. PlatingWho can join?1. Mechanical Engineers2. Product Designers3. Industrial Designers4. Manufacturing Engineers5. Sheet Metal Designers
Section 1: Flat Length of a Sheet
Lecture 1 How to calculate flat length of a sheet?
Section 2: CAD Considerations
Lecture 2 Extruded Holes
Lecture 3 Holes
Lecture 4 Bends
Lecture 5 Embossments
Lecture 6 Curls
Lecture 7 Hems
Lecture 8 Notch
Lecture 9 Dimple
Lecture 10 Gusset
Lecture 11 Counterbores and Countersinks
Lecture 12 Lecture 11 - Ribs
Lecture 13 Lecture 12 - Lance
Lecture 14 Lecture 13 - Tabs
Lecture 15 Lecture 14 - Burring Hole
Mechanical Engineer,Product Designer,Sheet Metal Designer,Manufacturing Engineer


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