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How To Become Mechanical Designer

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How To Become Mechanical Designer
Last updated 2/2022
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Learn about design as well as how to get job as Designer

What you'll learn
Better understanding about CAD tools. How to learn them, how to practice and which tool to go for?
Better Understanding of Portfolio
You would be aware of Design Process. You can even design a new product keeping laser in mind
You would be aware of the competitions, freelancing and crowdfunding platforms
This course is for those students who are looking for Mechanical or Product Design Jobs so the only requisite is that your background should be from either of these two domains
Over the years I have seen students not able to get break in design industry even after learning CAD softwares or sometimes students are not able to switch to design from other domains such as production, manufacturing, quality, etc so in this course I am going to share our industrial and training experience and give you suggestions on how to get job in design industry and start career as Mechanical Designer. Course is divided into two sectionsFirst Section: How to get job as a Designer?For getting job you need to have experience and for experience you need job so what to do when you face similar scenario. How to remove the fresher tag?. We will advise you on how to get experience without working in industry. What are skills you must have to get design job? Which CAD software you should learn and how you should practice? Skills: Here we will discuss about the skills required to be in the design industry.CAD Software: Here we will discuss how you should learn CAD software. What are the important modules you should learn and what is the best way to practice and become skilled in CAD software.Experience: Almost all freshers face this issue. To get job you need experience and to get experience you need job. Here we will share our experience what you can do in such scenario? Mechanical Engineers mostly do projects in their final semesters only. Whether they are of any use or not. How to get commercial projects on freelance websites. What are the benefits of doing these projects? We will be discussing about all these things.Portfolio: What is a portfolio and why it important for getting design job? How to start? How it will help you in getting job?Strategy: Here we will suggest to you what you can do as a fresher, as a student or when you have manufacturing or other domain experience.Section 2- Design GuidelinesIn this section you wil learn the most important thing i.e design rules . What the CAD considerations a designer should keep in the mind while making a CAD Model. You will learn design rules for 1, Injection Molding Process2. Sheet Metal 3. Laser Cutting4. Forging
Section 1: How to get job as Designer?
Lecture 1 Lecture 1 - Defects occurring in Injection Molding
Lecture 2 Lecture 1 - Pre-requisites
Lecture 3 Lecture 2 - CAD Software
Lecture 4 Lecture 3 - Experience
Lecture 5 Lecture 4 - Portfolio
Lecture 6 Lecture 5 - Strategy (Part 1)
Lecture 7 Lecture 5 - Strategy (Part 2)
Lecture 8 Lecture 6 - Strategy (Part 3)
Section 2: Design Guidelines for Mechanical Designers
Lecture 9 Lecture 1 - CAD Considerations for Injection Molding
Lecture 10 Lecture 3 - CAD Considerations for Sheet Metal
Lecture 11 Lecture 4 - CAD Considerations for Laser Cutting
Lecture 12 Lecture 5 - CAD Considerations for Forging
Section 3: Free Course : Advanced Catia Training
Lecture 13 How to access Catia Course for Free?
Mechanical Engineers,Product Designers,All those who have innovative product ideas and want to design and develop them. The first part of the course gives you the overview of the design and development process


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