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Urban Sketching Learn to use Wet-on-Wet 'Direct' Watercolours and Ink

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Urban Sketching Learn to use Wet-on-Wet 'Direct' Watercolours and Ink
Urban Sketching: Learn to use Wet-on-Wet 'Direct' Watercolours and Ink
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Do you want to get into watercolour and ink Urban Sketching, but aren't sure where to start? Perhaps you're already sketching, but are looking to experiment or bring something new to your style?
If so, this is the class for you!
Hi, my name is Toby Haseler, known as Toby Urbansketch on Instagram and YouTube. In this instep by step in depth tutorialI will be showing you how touse 'Direct Watercolour Painting'with simple and easy touches ofink and penlines to produce beautiful, expressive and light-filled urban sketches.
'What is direct watercolour sketching?'I hear you ask! And why use it?
Well, direct watercolour sketching is the process of sketching, with watercolours, directly onto your paper. No pencil lines, no ink, just straight in their with your brush.
I know this sounds scary, risky or difficulty – but I can only assure you that it isn't. It's simple, fun and expressive. As long as we maintain our basic principles of simplification, finding and sketching out key shapes, and leaving details to the end.
Loose wet-on-wet watercolour painting is the key to this style.
In fact, by using a wet on wet approach, where we apply our wet watercolour paints to a wet page – for example by spraying it, or brushing it down with water prior to painting – we produce a dream like and fluid quality in our sketching.

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