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A Guide To Liver And Kidney Toxins In Dogs And Cats

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A Guide To Liver And Kidney Toxins In Dogs And Cats
Published 11/2022
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Become an expert in common toxins leading to kidney and liver toxicity in dogs and cats (veterinary medicine)

What you'll learn
Identify common liver and kidney toxins and their sources in dogs and cats
Describe basic pathophysiology associated with liver and kidney toxin exposure
Identify treatment options for each toxin based on asymptomatic versus symptomatic presentations
Given a clinical case, apply these principles to make treatment recommendations
Identify appropriate resources and references to help manage toxin exposure in clinical patients
Basic knowledge of veterinary medicine
This course will cover the key pathophysiologic aspects of acute liver and kidney injury secondary to toxin exposure, general approach to management of canine and feline patients with liver and kidney toxicity as well as specific treatment options for various toxicities affecting kidney and liver function in dogs and cats.All recommendations are based on current human and veterinary research as well as the author's extensive experience working in veterinary emergency and critical care field for over 12 years.The course will provide a step-by-step approach to diagnosis and treatment of various liver and kidney toxicities. The instructor will discuss important aspects of case management and prognosis in detail.Each module contains real clinical examples and post-lesson quizzes or assignments that are intended to re-enforce your learning and give you an opportunity to practice your recently acquired skills. All participants will be able to download study notes.The course will transform students' understanding of this topic to a new level. It will become a valuable tool for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and students in management of common toxicities seen in dogs and cats.Pet owners may also receive value from this course because it will help them to recognize drugs and substances that could be toxic to their pets.
Section 1: Hepatic toxins
Lecture 1 Acute liver injury vs. failure
Lecture 2 Principles of liver toxicity in dogs and cats
Lecture 3 General approach to management of small animal patients with liver toxicity
Lecture 4 Xylitol and sago palm toxicity
Lecture 5 Amanita mushrooms and mycotoxins (aflatoxin)
Lecture 6 Blue green algae and acetaminophen toxicity
Section 2: Renal toxins
Lecture 7 Case example
Lecture 8 Principles of acute kidney injury in dogs and cats
Lecture 9 General approach to renal toxicity (nephrotoxicity)
Lecture 10 Lily toxicity in cats
Lecture 11 Ethylene glycol toxicity
Lecture 12 NSAID toxicity
Lecture 13 Vitamin D toxicity (hypercalcemia)
Lecture 14 Grape toxicity in dogs
Veterinarians (including general practitioners, specialists, and interns/residents),Veterinary technicians,Veterinary students,Pet owners interested in learning more about common toxins in dogs and cats


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