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The Trivium Logic (Part 2)

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The Trivium Logic (Part 2)
Last updated 4/2022
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The basic constructive element of learning and the second part of The Trivium Education system

What you'll learn
Understanding the role of Logic within The Trivium educational system.
Understanding how Grammar concerns the basic "building" or meaningful formation of our learning. 75
Understanding the relation of propositions, the use of syllogisms, complex forms of logical structures and fallacies.
Understanding how Logic builds upon Grammar and allows us to move onto Rhetoric.
No skills or experience are needed.
Logic is the second part of the classical Trivium system; a system of learning and education utilised throughout antiquity which remains effective to this day.Logic concerns the "building" or formation of a given subject. Hence, when we learn the Logic of any subject we learn the way that it forms internal coherence; i.e. how the different ideas and elements within the subject can be brought together in a coherent and meaningful way. The is essential for the mastery of a given subject or a discipline.This is why Logic is the second part of the Trivium. We use it assuming a degree of meaning in our symbols; words, terms and even the skills that we use. This is done during Grammar. With these materials in hand, we can proceed to connect and develop our understanding, forming it into a structure which can then be useful, as applied in Rhetoric. Hence, Logic sets the structure of our learning, without which it falls into an incoherent mess.Throughout this course you will learn what Logic is and the main approached that we can take to it. You will discover and why Logic is not only relevant to logicians and philosophers but to all people who want to engage in active thinking.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to The Trivium
Section 2: Logic
Lecture 2 Introduction to Logic
Lecture 3 The Fundamentals of Logic
Lecture 4 Relating Propositions
Lecture 5 Opposing Propositions
Lecture 6 Syllogisms and Enthymemes
Lecture 7 Sorites and Epichirema
Lecture 8 Fallacies
Lecture 9 Summary of Logic
Whilst this course might be of particular interest to students, teachers and parents this course is intended for anyone who is interested in The Trivium system.


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