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Financial Ratios - Beginners To Advance

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Financial Ratios - Beginners To Advance
Published 8/2022
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Liquidity Ratios, Capital Structure Ratios, Coverage Ratios, Turnover Ratios, Profitability Ratios and Market Ratios

What you'll learn
Describe the Excel Interface
Everything about cells
Liquidity Ratios - Current Ratio, Quick Ratio or Acid Test Ratio, Cash Ratio and Working Capital Ratio
Turnover Ratios - Total Assets Turnover Ratio, Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio, Capital Turnover Ratio, Current Assets Turnover Ratio, Working Capital Turnover Rati
Long Term Solvency Ratios - Equity Ratios, Debt to Equity Ratio, Debt to Total Assets Ratios, Capital Gearing Ratio, Debt-Service Coverage Ratio, Interest Cov.
Profitability Ratios Related to Profit - a) Gross Profit Ratio b) Net Profit Ratio c) Operating Profit Ratio d) Expenses Ratio
Profitability Ratios Related to Overall Return on Investment - a) Return on Investments b) Return on Assets c) Return on Capital Employed d) Return on Equity
Profitability Ratios Related to Analysis From Owners Point of View - a) Earning per Share (EPS) b) Dividend per Share (DPS)
Profitability Ratios Related to Market/Valuation/Investors - a) Price - Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio) b) Dividend Yield c) PB Ratio
No previous knowledge is required
Bring your positive attitude
Have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer
Financial Ratio Analysis is one of the most important skills for people pursuing a career in Finance.It helps you understand whether a business is profitable.It gives you an idea of a company's size.It helps you use the past in order to take action in the present and change the future.However, it's essential that you understand it well.If you want to become.a Financial Analystan Accountantan Auditora Business Analysta Financial Controllera Financial Managera CFOa CEOan Investment Bankeran Equity Research Analystan Investoran EntrepreneurSomeone who is involved with a business and would like to be successfulThen you simply have to learn Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis. There is no way around it.We will start from the very basics and then gradually build a solid foundation that will serve you well throughout your career.How come Financial Ratios are so important?- To analyze the performance of the company, the analyst performs ratios analysis.- To check the performance of the stock, the analyst performs ratios analysis.- Ratio analysis is the backbone of fundamental analysis of sector, company, and productHere are 3 more reasons why you should take this course and learn Ratio Analysis:Jobs: A solid understanding of ratio analysis usually lands you a sweet job as a financial analyst and opens doors for a number of career paths.Promotions: Analysts are promoted very easily inside large corporationsSecure Future: Analysis skills remain with you and provide extra security. Learning ObjectivesDescribe the fundamental concepts of Financial StatementsDiscuss in detail the three main financial statements and their respective elements.Explain the basic rules of Financial RatiosIdentify the process involved in the calculation of Financial RatiosBuild a Financial Statement from the basic information provided.Demonstrate knowledge of Financial Reporting and its interpretation using ratio analysis.Who this course is for:Aspiring Accountants and Financial AnalystsAspiring Investment BankersAspiring Financial ControllersBusiness OwnersAccounting StudentsAnyone wishing to understand a company's financialsAnyone wishing to be successful in the world of Business & Finance
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction of Ratios - Liquidity Ratios like Current Ratio, Quick Ratio
Lecture 2 Leverage or Solvency Ratios - Shareholders Fund, Capital Employed, Equity Ratio
Lecture 3 Debt to Equity Ratio, Debt to Asset Ratio, Capital Gearing Ratio, Coverage Ratio
Lecture 4 4. Debt Service Ratio, Coverage Ratio, GP Ratio.
Lecture 5 5. Net Profit Ratio, Operating Profit Ratio, Expense Ratio, Return on Investment
Lecture 6 6. Ret on Capital Employed, ROE, EPS, DPS, Div. Payout Ratio, PE and PB Ratio
Lecture 7 7. Turnover Ratios - All Turnover Ratios in Details
Students Preparing For Placements,Finance Professional,Finance & Accounting Students,Everyone is Welcome for this Course


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