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Business Fundamentals Marketing Strategy

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Business Fundamentals Marketing Strategy
Last updated 1/2021
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Marketing Strategy Fundamentals: The Art Of Selling Your Products Through Superb Marketing Efforts

What you'll learn
Why we need Marketing
Why a career in Marketing can be really interesting
How to build a Marketing plan
Understand customers and their needs, wants, and demands
Perform marketing research
Carry out customer segmentation
Set up the 4Ps of Marketing
Leverage product mix and pricing strategies
Organize marketing campaigns
Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
The course is suitable for people with business education and for people without business education
If you want to be a business owner or a corporate executive whose job involves business decisions, then you will certainly need to master three fundamental disciplines:Business Strategy Management and Leadership Marketing StrategyThere is no way around that. It is possible to be an entrepreneur and a CEO with an engineering background and without an MBA or a business degree; what is not possible is being either of those things without having a clue аbout:Building a Marketing planConducting marketing researchCollecting primary data for marketing researchPerforming client segmentationselecting a target customer groupUnderstanding the 4Ps of MarketingClassifying a firm's productsThe importance of product brandingSubtleties of product packagingUnderstanding the factors shaping product pricingThe right way to approach product pricingOrganizing product distributionSetting up an effective promotional campaignWorking with the four Ps of Marketing in a dynamic environmentEstablishing and Tracking KPIsCalculating and monitoring Customer Lifetime ValueUnderstanding these topics will make a huge difference for you if you have decided to pursue a business-related career – be it as an entrepreneur or a corporate executive. This is why we created this course for you! Each of the topics listed above is explained in a clear and effective way and we make sure to provide plenty of practical examples that will help you reinforce what you have learned. These examples make it even more fun and easy to understand. In addition, we have prepared a ton of supplemental resources for you: quiz questions with explanations, course notes, PDF files, and so on. So, what are you waiting for?Click the "Buy now" button and let's begin this journey together!
Section 1: Welcome! Introduction to Marketing Strategy and Management
Lecture 1 Marketing Strategy and Management: What does the course cover?
Lecture 2 Introduction to Marketing
Lecture 3 Why companies need Marketing?
Lecture 4 Who chooses a career in Marketing?
Lecture 5 Understanding the essential types of processes we have in Marketing
Section 2: Creating a successful Marketing Strategy
Lecture 6 Using a Marketing Plan - An essential tool for all marketeers
Lecture 7 Understanding customers and what drives their behavior: needs, wants, & demands
Lecture 8 Making sound business decisions: leveraging marketing research
Lecture 9 Going through the various stages of marketing research
Lecture 10 Learn how to collect primary data for marketing research
Lecture 11 Client segmentation - The right way to address client needs
Lecture 12 Selecting a target customer group
Section 3: Shaping the Marketing Mix
Lecture 13 The fundamental concept we want you to learn - The 4Ps of Marketing
Section 4: Shaping the Marketing Mix - Product decisions
Lecture 14 What is important when we talk about a company's products?
Lecture 15 Classifying a firm's products
Lecture 16 Understanding and taking advantage of the usual product lifecycle
Lecture 17 The importance of product branding
Lecture 18 The exterior matters - product packaging
Section 5: Shaping the Marketing Mix - Pricing decisions
Lecture 19 Understanding the factors shaping product pricing
Lecture 20 A good Marketing Manager has an idea about the demand curve of their product
Lecture 21 Break-even calculations: a valuable planning tool
Section 6: Shaping the Marketing Mix - Place decisions
Lecture 22 The best way to organize product distribution
Lecture 23 The various types of distribution channels
Lecture 24 E-commerce: the fastest growing distribution channel for the last decade
Section 7: Shaping the Marketing Mix - Promotion decisions
Lecture 25 Why do we need to promote our products?
Lecture 26 Setting up an effective marketing campaign
Lecture 27 The growing importance of social media
Section 8: Setting up a dynamic Marketing Mix
Lecture 28 The four Ps of Marketing in a dynamic environment
Section 9: Marketing decisions that are crucial in the long run
Lecture 29 How to work with a Marketing budget
Lecture 30 Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Lecture 31 Short and long term Marketing goals
Lecture 32 An invaluable tool for experienced marketeers: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Lecture 33 Case study: Coca-Cola and Christmas
Section 10: Tesla's marketing strategy - Case study
Lecture 34 Intro to Tesla marketing
Lecture 35 Tesla's segmentation problem
Lecture 36 A proof of Tesla's brand strength
Lecture 37 Tesla's pricing
Lecture 38 Before or after savings?
Lecture 39 Federal tax incentives for EVs
Lecture 40 Tesla's distribution strategy
Lecture 41 Bonus lecture
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