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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC For Lawyer, Law Student

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC For Lawyer, Law Student
Last updated 6/2022
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This course is designed to cater the need of lawyer.

What you'll learn
Edit pdf
Organize pages
Combine files
Create pdf
Export pdf
Scan & Ocr
Compare content of two pdf files
Optimize pdf
Adobe Acrobat Pro dc, Basic Computer Skills
Welcome to adobe acrobat pro dc for lawyer. This course is designed to cater the needs of the lawyer. The course gives through training on using the adobe acrobat. Since in lawyer office all the tools of the adobe acrobat are not used, so the course gives training to the useful tools only. Adobe acrobat lets you to create, edit, organize, combine, export, share and collaborate, manage forms and much more using pdf files.Why learn adobe acrobat pro dc.Most of the task you perform using adobe acrobat pro dc can be done through the internet for free. So why to use the software. Using adobe acrobat pro dc saves a lot of your time. It generally takes 4-5 minute using internet using to perform task on pdf files. But using adobe acrobat pro dc you can do anything within the second. This means you can save a lot of time and at the same time you will get time for more productive work.By learning the adobe acrobat skills, you will almost save more than half an hour. Which means you save more than 2.5 hour in a week, if you work for 5 days in a week. Saving 2.5 hour is a lot for lawyer.Further learning adobe acrobat pro dc will boost your cv and also help you in getting jobs.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Adobe acrobat Pro dc Interface
Lecture 2 Interface when you open a pdf file
Lecture 3 Adobe interface
Section 3: Creat pdf
Lecture 4 Creating pdf file from Microsoft Word
Lecture 5 Combining file of different into single pdf file
Lecture 6 Creating blank pdf page
Section 4: Edit Pdf
Lecture 7 Edit pdf file
Lecture 8 Restrict pdf editing
Section 5: Organise Pdf
Lecture 9 Inserting pdf page into file
Lecture 10 Extracting page from pdf file
Lecture 11 combing of two pdf file
Lecture 12 Rotating pages from pdf file
Lecture 13 Deleting page from pdf file
Lecture 14 Replacement of a single page
Section 6: Export Pdf
Lecture 15 Export pdf file into word file
Lecture 16 Export pdf file into excel file
Section 7: Compare Pdf
Lecture 17 Compare two pdf file
Section 8: Optimize Pdf
Lecture 18 Optimize pdf file
Section 9: Redact
Lecture 19 Use of redact tools
Lecture 20 Redact lines from pdf file
Lecture 21 Redact page from pdf file
Section 10: Bookmarking
Lecture 22 Adding bookmark by selection
Lecture 23 Adding bookmark manually
Lecture 24 Organizing bookmark
Section 11: Scan & Ocr
Lecture 25 Function of OCR tool
Lecture 26 Apply OCR in a pdf file
Section 12: Share & Review
Lecture 27 Sharing of pdf file
Section 13: Congratulations
Lawyer, Law-Student


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