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iOS (Swift, SwiftUI) - iOS App Development For Beginners

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iOS (Swift, SwiftUI) - iOS App Development For Beginners
Published 8/2022
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Complete iOS App Development from Scratch to Live on AppStore (Beginner to Expert Level)

What you'll learn
You will create a portfolio of fully functional 10 apps to be able apply for junior developer role in companies
Prepare for the iOS Interviews for Top Companies
Learn Frameworks like UIKit, SwiftUI, XCXTest, ARKit, Combine, Core Data
Become a freelance iOS developer
Learn Apple Certifications to publish your App on the Appstore
Learn Core concepts of iOS Development and build your own App for your Business
Learn how to fetch data from JSON file using APIs
Integrate Apple, Facebook, Twitter etc Social Networks
Basic to Advance level in iOS App Development
Understanding Core Concepts of Data Structure
Xcode tips and tricks for iOS Developers
No programming experience required or No prior IOS or Swift knowledge - I'll teach you everything you need to know
A Mac system
No paid Application Required
I'll walk you through, step-by-step in whole journey of Xcode Installation
This Course is about creating an iOS Application, for landing your Dream Job in Company or Starting your own Business, This course mainly focuses on Swift & SwiftUI. One thing I can assure you regarding this course is that after you finish this course you will gain the confidence to complete any Application.Your Beginner to Mastering iOS Development Journey begins with this course.Frameworks like CoreData, CoreML, UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, Combine, and XCTest will be explained in this course. You will learn how to create Apple Certificates for Push Notifications, and Certifications to distribute your App In to your team or to the world.You will create 10+ iOS Applications during this course and learn how to manage your code using Git.You will also learn Git Commands, How to integrate 3rd Party Libraries into your Project.You will learn how to write Test Cases for your Application and do the Unit testing which will make your Application bug free.You will be creating creative UI which will impress your users to use your Application.I will also teach you how to clear iOS Development Interviews.This is a complete course for beginners which will help you to grow in the Programming industry.
Section 1: Introduction for & Getting Start with Programming
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 System Setup
Lecture 3 Which Programming Language we use for iOS Application
Lecture 4 Objective-C VS Swift
Lecture 5 Understanding XCode to create First Project
Lecture 6 Choosing iOS Device/Simulator to run your Project
Lecture 7 Clone a Project
Lecture 8 Can I Develop iOS Application on Windows System
Lecture 9 How to resolve issues when you are Stuck in Programming
Section 2: Basic of iOS Programming
Lecture 10 Understanding Inheritance
Lecture 11 Understanding XCode & Creating First Peoject
Lecture 12 Understanding UI Elements
Section 3: Create your First Screen
Lecture 13 Adding UILabel On Screen
Lecture 14 Adding UITextField On Screen
Lecture 15 Adding UIButton On Screen
Lecture 16 Adding UIImageView On Screen
Section 4: Create your first Mathematic Application
Lecture 17 Creating New Project
Lecture 18 Code Segregation
Lecture 19 Creating UITextField for Value Entering
Lecture 20 Creating UIButton for Action
Lecture 21 Creating UILabel for Showing Result
Lecture 22 Connecting Outlets
Lecture 23 Adding Logic
Section 5: iOS Programming (Variables, Constants, Data Types & Collection )
Lecture 24 Learning "let" Keyword
Lecture 25 Learning "var" Keyword
Lecture 26 Understanding String
Lecture 27 Understanding Int
Lecture 28 Data Types Conversion
Lecture 29 Understanding Array
Lecture 30 Understanding Dictionary
Lecture 31 Understanding Tuples
Lecture 32 Understanding Bool
Section 6: All about AutoLayouts
Lecture 33 Adding UI Elements to View
Lecture 34 Understanding layout
Lecture 35 Understanding Constraints
Lecture 36 Applying Constraints to UI Elements
Section 7: Advance UI (UITableView & UICollectionView)
Lecture 37 Understanding List
Lecture 38 Understanding UITableView
Lecture 39 Adding UITableView to your Screen
Lecture 40 Connecting UITableView Delegate & DataSource
Lecture 41 Showing First List Through UITableView
Lecture 42 Adding Data to UITableView
Lecture 43 Understanding UICollectionView
Lecture 44 Adding UICollectionView to your Screen
Lecture 45 Connecting UICollectionView Delegate & DataSource
Section 8: Advance UI (UITabbar)
Lecture 46 Understanding UITabbar
Lecture 47 How to Implement UITabbar
Lecture 48 Adding Screens to UITabbar
Lecture 49 Adding Content on Screen of UITabbar
Section 9: Instagram Clone
Lecture 50 Creating Instagram Clone Project
Lecture 51 Adding LoginScreen
Lecture 52 Adding Logic to Login Screen
Lecture 53 Adding UITabBar
Lecture 54 Customise Home Screen
Lecture 55 Adding CollectionView Inside Header of UITableView
Lecture 56 Adding CollectionView Cell for Showing the Stories
Lecture 57 Adding UITableViewCell for Feeds
Lecture 58 Adding Search Screen Data
Lecture 59 Wrap Up
Section 10: Design Pattern (MVC, MVVM)
Lecture 60 Understanding Design Pattern
Lecture 61 Why we Need Design Pattern
Lecture 62 MVC (Modal View Controller)
Lecture 63 MVVM (Modal View View Modal)
Lecture 64 Singleton Design Pattern
Lecture 65 Repository Design Pattern
Section 11: How to read Apple Document
Lecture 66 Reading Apple Documentation
Section 12: Understanding Api
Lecture 67 What is an API
Lecture 68 Types of API
Lecture 69 Tools for API
Section 13: Swift Intermediate Programming: Networking
Lecture 70 How we Implement Api in our Code
Lecture 71 what is URL Session
Section 14: Weather App
Lecture 72 Creating UI For our project
Lecture 73 Choosing MVVM Design Pattern
Lecture 74 Implementing URLSession
Lecture 75 Creating Modal for our Api Response
Lecture 76 Saving Api Data to Modal
Lecture 77 Connecting Data to UI
Section 15: Social Integration
Lecture 78 Social Login Introduction
Section 16: Understanding CoreData
Lecture 79 Core Data Introduction
Section 17: ARKit & CoreML
Lecture 80 Introduction
Section 18: SwiftUI Introduction
Lecture 81 SwiftUI Introduction
From Beginner to Advance iOS App Developer, Fully Updated Module Dedicated to Swift & SwiftUI


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