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Welcome To Burlesque - Dance Course

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Welcome To Burlesque - Dance Course
Published 8/2022
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Boost Body confidence and have some fun - You'll forget your even working out

What you'll learn
Boost your body confidence both physically and mentally
Fitness and toning disguised behind sass and fun
Learn some of the basic steps in Burlesque dancing
Learn how to use a fun prop in your dance - This routine includes a feather BOA but you can use a long scarf as an alternative
Learn how to be more cheeky and how even facial expressions can be part of the workout
Learn more about how you feel about yourself
This course is perfect for complete beginners as well as people who have dabbled before.
No previous experience necessary because we will go through everything in detail
Two left feet also welcome because we don't look for perfection we look for individuality
You will need a long garment if you don't have a feather boa, something to watch the course on, some space and a drink
Welcome to our Burlesque Inspired Dance Routine. It's fun, it's sassy and it's suitable for everyone who wants to give it a try.We have taken the concept of fitness with the beauty of Burlesque to bring you Lets Burlesque.We have taken one of our customers favourite routines and broken it down into mini videos for you to work through and enjoy anyplace, anytime, with anyone.All you need to complete this course is something to watch the videos on, a small bit of space free from hazards and an interest in learning and giving it a try.The full routine is broken down into 3 tutorial videos so if people are time restricted or want to incorporate this as part of their weekly workouts it makes it easier to dip in a dip out rather than have to keep finding your placeWe take the routine and we teach you a cluster of moves slowly without the music and then we get the music on a few times to practice. Then if your ready we move on to the next lot of moves. If you're not, you simply rewind and go again.By the end of this course we hope not only will you have enjoyed a good workout but you will feel just that little bit more confident and aware of where you are at from a body confidence point of view on yourself.You'll get a warm upSection 1Section 2Section 3The full routineAnd a cool down stretch videoWe recommend you complete the warm up & cool down before and after each sessionIt will give you an opportunity to see where you sit on a personal body confidence level.And hopefully it will give you a good workout with some giggles along the way.I hope you enjoy it, there are plenty more routines to follow if you did.Think you could teach routine like this in your community with the right training?Did you know we are a franchise with instructors teaching our routines out the community earning extra income?We offer a complete instructor training course for people like me and you who would love to help others feel more positive about themselves even if we are still on our own journey.No previous Dance or fitness qualifications required because our course is suitable for those with no previous qualifications as well as those with experience.
Section 1: Routine Welcome to Burlesque
Lecture 1 See what you will be learning - Routine Teaser
Lecture 2 Lets get you warmed up
Lecture 3 Section 1 of the routine
Lecture 4 Section 2 of the routine
Lecture 5 Section 3 of the Routine
Lecture 6 The full Routine - lets put it all together
Lecture 7 Cool Down Stretch
This course is a perfect follow on for those who completed our FREE course - not seen it yet head back to our courses and give it a go,Anyone and everyone who would like to simply give Burlesque dancing a go AND get a workout at the same time without feeling like they are actually working out


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