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Vue Js 2 - Beginner To Developer

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Vue Js 2 - Beginner To Developer
Last updated 3/2020
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Learn Vue js 2 completely (including vue router and vuex) in just 8.5 hours

What you'll learn
Learn Vue js 2 completely
Learn Vue Core
Learn Vue Router
Learn Vuex
Learn validation
Learn how to work with RESTful APIs
Learn how to create and receive HTTP requests
And much more as a whole
You should know jаvascript fairly well
Learn Vue js 2 completely in just 8.5 hours.If you are looking to learn Vue js 2 completely and quickly then this is the course for you!With this course you will learn Vue js 2 completely in just 8.5 hours.You will learn (among other things):Vue js 2 CoreVue routerVuexValidationHow to work with RESTful APIs How to extend VueAnd much moreNOTE: If the current asking price is too much for you, feel free to message me for a discount!
Section 1: Introduction and Tools
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Tools
Section 2: Getting started with Vue
Lecture 3 Vue QuickStart
Lecture 4 Vue QuickStart CLI
Lecture 5 Adding a new component
Section 3: Data Bindings
Lecture 6 Data Values
Lecture 7 Computed Properties
Lecture 8 Methods
Lecture 9 Filters
Section 4: Directives
Lecture 10 Text Directives
Lecture 11 If Else Directives
Lecture 12 Attribute Binding
Lecture 13 Repeater Directive
Section 5: Events
Lecture 14 Events 1
Lecture 15 Events 2
Lecture 16 Event Propagation 1
Lecture 17 Event Propagation 2
Lecture 18 Event Propagation 3
Lecture 19 Keyboard Modifiers
Section 6: Form Elements
Lecture 20 Two Way Manual Binding
Lecture 21 Two Way Automatic Binding
Lecture 22 Binding To Form Elements
Lecture 23 vModel Modifiers
Lecture 24 Binding to Different Data Types
Lecture 25 Validation 1
Lecture 26 Validation 2
Lecture 27 Validation 3
Section 7: Components
Lecture 28 Components
Lecture 29 Props 1
Lecture 30 Props 2
Lecture 31 Custom Events 1
Lecture 32 Custom Events 2
Lecture 33 Slots
Lecture 34 Scoped Slots
Section 8: Components Lifecycle
Lecture 35 Component Lifecycle
Lecture 36 Mount
Lecture 37 Update
Lecture 38 Watchers
Lecture 39 Destroy
Section 9: Dependency Injection and Event Bus
Lecture 40 Dependency Injection
Lecture 41 Overriding and Reactive Services
Lecture 42 Advanced DI
Lecture 43 Event Bus
Lecture 44 Local Event Bus
Section 10: Using an API
Lecture 45 REST Json Server and Axios
Lecture 46 Consuming the API
Lecture 47 CRUD Service
Lecture 48 Error Handling with a Service
Section 11: Using Data Stores
Lecture 49 Data Store 1
Lecture 50 Data Store 2
Lecture 51 Data Store and Asynchronous Operations
Lecture 52 Receiving Change Notifications
Lecture 53 Mapping Data Store Features into Components
Lecture 54 Data Store Modules
Lecture 55 Module Namespaces
Section 12: Dynamic Components
Lecture 56 Dynamic Components and Managing Watch Events
Lecture 57 Display Components Dynamically and Using a Data Binding
Lecture 58 Automatically Displaying Components
Lecture 59 Async Components (Lazy Loading)
Lecture 60 Disabling prefetch hints
Lecture 61 Configuring Lazy Loading
Section 13: Routing
Lecture 62 URL Routing
Lecture 63 Navigating using HTML Elements
Lecture 64 Routing Data and Dynamic Segments
Lecture 65 Regex and Named Routes
Lecture 66 Dealing with Navigation Changes
Section 14: More Routing Features
Lecture 67 Element Type, Event and Styling
Lecture 68 Nested Routes
Lecture 69 Named Router-View Elements
Section 15: Advanced Routing
Lecture 70 Using Separate Files for Routing
Lecture 71 Guarding Routes and Route Specific Guards
Lecture 72 Component Route Guards
Lecture 73 Accessing the Component in the beforeRouteEnter method
Lecture 74 Loading Components on Demand and Creating Routing-Free Components
Section 16: Transitions
Lecture 75 Transitions Basics and Using an Animation Library
Lecture 76 Switching Between Multiple Elements
Lecture 77 Transition to Routed and vFor Elements
Lecture 78 Transition Events
Lecture 79 Enter and Leave events
Lecture 80 Data Transitions
Section 17: Extending Vue
Lecture 81 Custom Directives and Expressions
Lecture 82 Custom Directive Arguments
Lecture 83 Custom Directive Modifiers
Lecture 84 Communicating between Hook Functions
Lecture 85 Single Function Directives
Lecture 86 Mixins
Lecture 87 Creating a Custom Plugin
Section 18: Bonus Material
Lecture 88 Bonus Material
Anyone with some jаvascript knowledge who wants to learn Vue js 2


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