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Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro - Beginner'S Guide

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Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro - Beginner'S Guide
Published 8/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.25 GB | Duration: 2h 5m
Professional Video Editing

What you'll learn
How to Download and Install the Software
How to Create a Project
Explaining the Platform
Saving Workspace as Preset
Importing Media Files
Speeding up or slowing down clips
Creating a Sequence
Video Editing Basics
Adding B-Rolls
Adding Texts
Adding Effects and Transitions
Audio Editing
Audio Synchronization
Saving Audio As Presets
Colour Correction and Colour Grading
Adding Graphics
Adding Keyframes
Adding Music and Sound Effects
Removing Background with Green Screen
10 Keyboard Shortcut keys
Circle Crop a Video or Image
Sample Demo Video Editing
Exporting a Video
Summary PDF Document
Adobe Premiere Pro Software
Adobe premiere pro is the industry standard when it comes to video editingIf you are just starting, I recommend you start here.All you need to start is a computer and Adobe premiere pro software installed and i have shared how to download and install it in the video.Hi, I am Dr. Rasheed, a speech and presentation coach.This course is designed to teach you everything you need to feel comfortable using adobe premiere pro. You will learn the most fundamental skills of video editing including:IntroductionDownload and installCreating a projectExplaining the platformSaving workspaceImporting media filesSpeeding up or slowing down a clipCreating a sequenceEditing BasicsAdding B-rollsAdding TextAdding effects and TransitionsAudio editingAudio synchronisationSaving Audio presetsColour basicsAdding graphicsAdding keyframesAdding music and sound effectsGreen screen10 Keyboard shortcut keysCircle crop video or imageSample demo video editingExporting videoSummary documentConclusionSo what are you waiting for, turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe premiere pro. A professional video editor that doesn't limit your creative choices.As a Project:Create a short video using the demo footage provided herein. Make sure to at least include the following techniques:Text or graphicsAnimations with keyframes on texts and imagesVideo effectsSpeed changeI am happy to give you feedback on your project.For specific questions please use the discussion.Good luck and have fun.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Introduction
Lecture 2 Downloading the Software
Lecture 3 Creating a Project
Lecture 4 Explaining the Platform
Lecture 5 Saving Workspace as Preset
Lecture 6 Importing Media Files
Lecture 7 Speeding or Slowing Down Clips
Lecture 8 Creating a Sequence
Lecture 9 Video Editing Basics
Lecture 10 Adding B-Rolls
Lecture 11 Adding Texts
Lecture 12 Adding Effects and Transitions
Lecture 13 Audio Editing
Lecture 14 Synchronizing Audio Clips
Lecture 15 Saving Audio Presets
Lecture 16 Colour Correction and Grading
Lecture 17 Adding Graphics
Lecture 18 Adding Keyframes
Lecture 19 Adding Music and Sound Effects
Lecture 20 Change Background with Green Screen
Lecture 21 10 Shortcut Keys
Lecture 22 Circling Video Clip
Lecture 23 Exporting Video Clips
Lecture 24 PDF Summary of Editing Process
Lecture 25 Complete Video Editing Guide
Lecture 26 Conclusion


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