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Udemy - Youth Advancement Pathway

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Udemy - Youth Advancement Pathway
Published 8/2022
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Fundamentals of Personal Development

What you'll learn
Human characteristics, personality and behavior, and its relevance in self-development
Iceberg model, three levels of mind, and the autonomous function of body and mind
Four quadrant window, golden rings model, and visualization and affirmation
Different stages of competence, and the power of habits
Circle of impact, and managing time effectively
Turning your goals and tasks into a compelling action plan
All you need is, time and readiness to learn
Be willing to embrace and adapt with the changing times...Youth Advancement Pathway (YAP) is an entry level leadership program explicitly designed for the young adult generation, the emerging youth, to engage, empower and bolster individual development. YAP focuses at root level treatment, the prime source, triggering a habit driven growth and paving way for an inside-out development. YAP is an "Outside-the-syllabus program" and the most essential Add-on for personal advancement.Choosing the right path, setting the direction and working towards it - is the success mantra of the day. Learning is a never-ending process and there is no better Guru than the life itself. There are hundreds of testimonies, living examples and success stories from the history that stands as a "lighthouse". The wisest way is, to learn from them, avoid pitfalls, and take corrective steps in time."Building the future" is a common topic of discussion in the campus and at home front. While the intention is obvious, seldom it catches the sense of something to be done NOW. Such conversations barely ends with any significant outcome or meaningful action plans. Thus by and large it remains as lip service and stays as a "thing of the future".Build your future in present...
Lecture 1 What is YAP
Lecture 2 Welcome and Overview
Lecture 3 Introduction
Lecture 4 Preparation - Level 1
Lecture 5 Preparation - Level 2
Lecture 6 Preparation - Attitude Statements
Lecture 7 Preparation - Level 3
Lecture 8 Preparation - Level 4
Section 3: FOUNDATION - Stage 1
Lecture 9 Accept - Level 1
Lecture 10 Accept - Level 2
Lecture 11 Learn - Level 1
Lecture 12 Dragonfly - Video
Lecture 13 Learn - Level 2
Lecture 14 Explore - Level 1
Lecture 15 Explore - Level 2
Section 4: FOUNDATION - Stage 2
Lecture 16 Dream
Lecture 17 Decide
Lecture 18 Dedicate
Section 5: FOUNDATION - Stage 3
Lecture 19 Belief - Level 1
Lecture 20 Belief - Level 2
Lecture 21 Integrity
Lecture 22 Passion
Lecture 23 Dream List
Lecture 24 Visualization & Affirmation
Lecture 25 Create Habits
Lecture 26 Conclusion
This is an entry level personal development course for youngsters between the age of 18 to 24


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