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Udemy - Laravel 9.X Ecom Shop

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Udemy - Laravel 9.X Ecom Shop
Last updated 9/2020
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Ecommerce shop with PayPal System

What you'll learn
How To Install Laravel
Integrate Bootstrap 4
Display Images on Heroku
Learn How To Use PHP Artisan Commands
How To Create A Complete Project/Website In Laravel
Learn About Routes
Learn How To Create Models & Controllers
Learn How To Create Views Using Blade
Connect Website To Database & Create Tables
Learn About Blade & How To Use Its Most Important Features
Redirect Users To Specific Pages
Make User Authentication Using Laravel Auth
Share Data With All Views
Create Admin Dashboard To Control All Users
Restrict Access To Admins Only
PHP, Laravel
You'll learn how to code your own E-commerce web application using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Laravel.By the end of the course, you'll also be able to build and add powerful features to your web apps including PayPal Payment SystemIf you have basic knowledge of Laravel and you want to go to the next level - this course is definitely for you.You'll learn how to Uplaod Images to your website using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Laravel/React.You'll also be able to build and Connect Website To Database & Create TablesCreate Models & Controllers to your website using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Laravel.You'll also be able to build and Connect Website To Database & Create TablesLearn About Blade & How To Use Its Most Important Featurest- React Js basics- Upload Images and Data- Learn to make GET, POST requests from React Frontend to Laravel Backend- Learn Intermediate Level Laravel Techniques- Learn How To Use PHP Artisan Commands- Learn How To Create Models & Controllers- Learn How To Create Views Using Blade- Connect Website To Database & Create Tables- Learn About Blade & How To Use Its Most Important Features- Share Data With All Views
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Why Laravel
Lecture 3 Setting Up Laravel Homestead with virtualbox and vagrant
Section 2: Create Laravel Application
Lecture 4 Create Laravel Application
Section 3: Create First Route
Lecture 5 Homestead yaml file
Lecture 6 Create a home route
Section 4: Bootstrap
Lecture 7 Bootstrap Integration
Section 5: Design Master Page
Lecture 8 Design master page
Section 6: Design Home Page
Lecture 9 Design Home Page
Section 7: User Authentication
Lecture 10 User Authentication
Lecture 11 Create users in Laravel 8
Section 8: Add Admin to users
Lecture 12 Add Admin column to Users
Lecture 13 Create a route for Admin
Section 9: Create Categories table
Lecture 14 Create Categories Table
Lecture 15 Create Categories Controller
Section 10: Categories
Lecture 16 Create Navbar
Lecture 17 Create Admin Controller
Lecture 18 Create a function for creating categories
Lecture 19 Create a route for displaying all categories
Lecture 20 Add additional fields for creating categories
Lecture 21 Create a function for displaying all categories
Lecture 22 Design a page for displaying categories
Section 11: Edit Category
Lecture 23 Create edit function for categories
Lecture 24 Create a route for updating categories
Lecture 25 Create a function for updating categories
Lecture 26 Edit Category
Section 12: Delete Category
Lecture 27 Create a route for deleting categories
Lecture 28 Delete a category
Section 13: Create SubCategory
Lecture 29 Create category field in index.blade.php
Lecture 30 Create a subcategory
Section 14: Products
Lecture 31 Create Products Table
Lecture 32 Create Products Controller
Lecture 33 Create a function for creating products
Lecture 34 Create a route for creating products
Section 15: Create Products
Lecture 35 Create store poduct function
Lecture 36 Install Laravel collective package and image package
Lecture 37 Add additional fields into products table
Lecture 38 Add Protected table into Product Model
Section 16: Display Products
Lecture 39 Create a route for displaying products
Lecture 40 Create a function for displaying all products
Section 17: Edit Products
Lecture 41 Create a route edit products
Lecture 42 Create a function edit products
Section 18: Update Products
Lecture 43 Modify edit product function
Lecture 44 Design edit product view
Lecture 45 Create a function for updating products
Section 19: Delete Products
Lecture 46 Create a function for deleting products
Lecture 47 Delete a product
Section 20: Products Attribute
Lecture 48 Create protucts attribute table
Lecture 49 Create a model for product attributes
Section 21: Create Protected Table
Lecture 50 Create a function for creating attributes
Lecture 51 Design attributes page
Lecture 52 Add protected table into ProAttribute Model
Section 22: Design Attributes Page
Lecture 53 Design a table for viewing attributes
Section 23: Delete Attribute
Lecture 54 Create a function delete attribute
Section 24: Design Home Page
Lecture 55 Design home page
Section 25: Display Categories
Lecture 56 Display categories in home page
Lecture 57 Design categories drop-down in navbar
Lecture 58 Display subcategories
Section 26: Create a route for products
Lecture 59 Create a route products
Lecture 60 Create Products Function
Section 27: Design 404 page
Lecture 61 Create 404 page
Lecture 62 Design 404 page
Section 28: Category Status
Lecture 63 Create status field for category
Section 29: Delete Image
Lecture 64 Create a route delete image of product
Lecture 65 Create a link delete image
Section 30: Product Detail
Lecture 66 Create product detail function
Lecture 67 Create product detail function
Section 31: Select Product Price
Lecture 68 Add jаvascript to product detail page
Lecture 69 Create a function select product price
Section 32: Complete Select Product Price
Lecture 70 Continue integrate jаvascript into detail page
Section 33: Additional Images of Product
Lecture 71 Create a link to store more images of product
Lecture 72 Create proimages table
Lecture 73 Create ProImage Model
Lecture 74 Create a function for storing additional images for product
Section 34: Delete Additional Images
Lecture 75 Create a table view for displaying images
Lecture 76 Delete additional image of product
Lecture 77 Create a function delete additional image
Section 35: Display additional images of product
Lecture 78 Displaying additional images of product
Section 36: Attributes
Lecture 79 Create a route update attribute
Lecture 80 Create a function edit attribute
Section 37: Fontawesome
Lecture 81 Add fontawesome to ecommerce website
Lecture 82 Display stock availability in details view
Section 38: Cart Table
Lecture 83 Create cart table
Lecture 84 Integrate cart form into detail page of product
Lecture 85 Create cart function
Section 39: UUID PACKAGE
Lecture 86 Create a route view cart
Lecture 87 Unstall package uuid
Lecture 88 Test out Cart function
Section 40: Display Image in Cart
Lecture 89 Display image of product in cart
Lecture 90 Delete a product form cart
Section 41: Cart Quantity
Lecture 91 Update cart quantity
Section 42: Section 42
Lecture 92 Display Total Price
Section 43: Coupons
Lecture 93 Create coupons table
Lecture 94 Create Coupon Model
Section 44: Datepicker
Lecture 95 Integrate datepicker
Section 45: First Coupon
Lecture 96 Create a function view coupons
Lecture 97 Create first coupon
Section 46: Edit Coupon
Lecture 98 Create edit coupon function
Lecture 99 Create a function coupon update
Lecture 100 Create a route update coupon
Section 47: Delete Coupon
Lecture 101 Create function delete coupon
Section 48: Coupon Function
Lecture 102 Create a route for applying coupon
Lecture 103 Create a function apply coupon
Section 49: Apply Coupon
Lecture 104 Apply First Coupon
Lecture 105 Display total cost with applied coupon
Section 50: Session Forget
Lecture 106 Add session forget to cart function
Section 51: Register User Function
Lecture 107 Create a function register a user
Section 52: Logout Route
Lecture 108 Create logout route
Section 53: Signup a User
Lecture 109 Sign up a user
Section 54: Client Account
Lecture 110 Create a function client account
Lecture 111 Create Account View
Lecture 112 Add loginfront middleware in routes
Section 55: Country Model
Lecture 113 Create Country Model
Lecture 114 Create countries table
Section 56: Update User Account
Lecture 115 Create a route update account
Lecture 116 Create a function update account
Lecture 117 Update user account
Section 57: Checkout View
Lecture 118 Create function checkout
Lecture 119 Create checkout view
Section 58: Add highlights to account page
Lecture 120 Redesign account page
Section 59: Invoice Address Table
Lecture 121 Create invoice address table
Section 60: Invoice Form
Lecture 122 Add jаvascript to checkout page
Lecture 123 Add Invoice form in checkout view
Lecture 124 Create Invoicestore function
Lecture 125 Create First Invoice
Section 61: Order Review Page
Lecture 126 Create a function to review an order
Lecture 127 Design orderreview
Section 62: Display Order in Cart View
Lecture 128 Add cart to order review page
Section 63: Display Coupon an Sum Total
Lecture 129 Display coupon and sum total information in order review
Section 64: PayPal Integration
Lecture 130 Install PayPal Package
Lecture 131 Create a route paypal payment
Lecture 132 Add paypal button in order review page
Lecture 133 Create a function for successful payment
Lecture 134 Make First Transaction With PayPal
Section 65: Display Cart Count
Lecture 135 Cart Count
Section 66: Section 66 Repository of the ECOM SHOP Course
Lecture 136 Ready files of the course
If you have basic knowledge of Laravel and you want to go to the next level - this course is definitely for you.


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