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Udemy - Integrative Mastery Programs

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Udemy - Integrative Mastery Programs
Published 8/2022
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Unlock Your Inner Master

What you'll learn
Discover your Personal Life Vision and never be without direction again
Perform a current reality analysis to hone your strengths and improve weaknesses
Achieve the 4th level of Identity in all domains on life by growing your consciousness beyond your peers
Maximize your professional skills and become irreplaceable by learning the Primary Tools of the Masterful Coach's Toolkit©
Master The Echo of Empowerment tool, a proven system for executing your goals
A new model for life and business that is more fulfilling and impactful
Greater personal and professional relationships
You must approach this information, use of these tools, and implementation of these systems with an open mind and an open heart. Empty your cup so we can fill it up anew.
IMP's Programs are comprehensively guided mastery training courses composed of proven leadership & management tools, actionable systems, projects, directives, wisdoms, and, inspirational materials designed to give you the tools necessary to make foundational changes to any area of your life. Compiled in a concise system, IMP Programs aim to give you the ability to make innovative discoveries. Discoveries about who you really are, what you really want, and then, how you can be your most effective, inspired, & conscious self getting there, by mastering commitments to overcome certain habits that are limiting the improvement and achievement of goals you desire. Be your best self, in all domains of life, by transforming the game!Learn your PurposeDiscover your Path to follow in order fulfill that PurposeUtilize our Process for executing your journeySignificance always leads to SuccessImprove your capacity, gain new perspectives, & cultivate powerful relationships to create exact, quantifiable results in specific areas of life.Discover what it is you're really after, and then, develop your game plan for achieving it through proven systems of action and accountability.Companies who implement The Program's mastery training course are committed to creating a culture of the future within their firm. By awakening all team members commitments to their own excellence, a shared vision then manifests itself into improved communication & trust, renewed confidence & understanding of individual strengths, and, a stronger sense of connectedness to the business and life as a whole. Manifest an inspired future!A Program Designed for YouCustomized to any area of lifeComplete at your own paceAccessible foreverFree Coaching support systemStep by step video instructionsComplete set of articles and tools
Section 1: Set Your Mind And Heart Up For Success
Lecture 1 Introductions
Lecture 2 Welcome to Integrative Mastery Programs
Lecture 3 Finishing Setting Up the Mindset
Lecture 4 Where the rubber meets the road...
Lecture 5 Type 1 vs. Type 2, which are you?
Lecture 6 4 Critical Questions
This program was designed and developed for Business Owners and High-Level Executives, but, is now available to anyone willing to learn and work for a better future.


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