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The Microsoft Excel Course Advanced Excel Training

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The Microsoft Excel Course Advanced Excel Training
Last updated 5/2022
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Excel: Advanced Excel Formatting, Excel Functions, Excel Modeling in Practice: Hands-on!

What you'll learn
Differentiate yourself at work. Quickly and dramatically
Get hired in Finance – financial modeling skills are the critical edge you need at interviews
Take your career to the next level!
Get a certificate of completion
Build financial models from scratch (shown step-by-step)
Format sheets and charts professionally
Learn new keyboard shortcuts and be even faster in Excel
Understand advanced Excel functions
Build nested functions
Use Excel's financial functions and understand concepts like: Present Value, Future Value, Discounted Cash Flows, Net Present Value, and IRR
Build flexible Excel models
Use Cell Styles and format spreadsheets easier and faster
Learn several hidden Excel tips and tricks
Understand the core principles of financial modeling
Learn financial modeling best practices
Design principles for good model building
Build integrated financial models
Forecast financials and use scenario analysis tools
The course is designed for intermediate and advanced Excel users. This is not a beginners course
Microsoft Excel 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016
The Microsoft Excel Course: Advanced Excel Training: You want to advance your Excel skills?And you want to learn how to build sophisticated financial models in Excel?Well then, you've come to the right place. Welcome to our Advanced Excel course!An Excel journey that will reshape your existing skills. We will teach you in-demand Excel techniques that will allow you to transform your career.The course will keep you engaged by providing a combination of video lectures, course notes, take-away templates, quizzes, exercises, and even homework. And this is a great opportunity to add practical focus to the skills you will acquire while taking the course.From Day 1, you will jump in Excel and perform right away.This isn't a boring experience! The depth and breadth of Excel topics we've selected is challenging and rewarding, providing a 360-degree approach to financial modeling in Excel.Our strong focus on real-world examples ensures a super hands-on Excel experience. We've designed a process that allows you to learn and see how things are applied in practice. What makes this Excel course different from the rest of the courses out there?• High quality of production –HD videos (This isn't a collection of boring lectures!)• Knowledgeable instructors – Our team has created some of the most popular Excel courses online• Complete training – we will cover all topics you need to become an advanced Excel modeller• Jam-packed with materials – Course notes & Excel files, shortcuts, exercises, quiz questions, homework - You name it! Everything is included!• Excellent support: If you don't understand a concept or you simply want to drop us a line, you'll receive an answer from us• Dynamic: We don't want to waste your time! The instructor keeps up a very good pace throughout the whole course.Why should you consider enrolling in the program?1. Salary. Acquire technical skills and differentiate yourself.2. Stress management. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.3. Growth. If you take your career seriously (and we know you do; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this) you have to grow quicker and faster.Please don't forget the course comes with Udemy's 30-day unconditional money-back-in-full guarantee. And why not give such a guarantee, when we are convinced you will receive a ton of value from the materials?Just go ahead and buy the course! If you don't acquire these skills now you will miss an opportunity to separate yourself from the others. Don't risk your future success! Let's start learning together now!
Section 1: Day 1: Course Introduction & Professional-looking Excel formatting
Lecture 1 What does the course cover?
Lecture 2 Why Excel and why modeling?
Lecture 3 Let's start from scratch and create a P&L sheet
Lecture 4 Cell styles allows you to be faster.
Lecture 5 Pasting values, formulas, and formats with Paste Special
Lecture 6 Formatting Cells Part I - Working with data in Excel
Lecture 7 Formatting Cells Part II - Customize numbers the way you like
Lecture 8 Highlight key data with Excel Conditional Formatting
Lecture 9 Filter by color
Lecture 10 Recording Macros - The perfect way to avoid repetitions
Section 2: Day 2: Be 3.0x faster than average users - shortcuts and quick navigation tools
Lecture 11 The secret of fast scrolling: navigation and keyboard shortcuts
Lecture 12 Fix the top row of your Excel tables
Lecture 13 Use multiple screens simultaneously
Lecture 14 Excel formulas that make sense - Named Ranges
Lecture 15 Creating drop-down menus in Excel
Lecture 16 F1 to F12 - Using Excel's function keys
Lecture 17 How to select visible cells only
Section 3: Day 3: Excel mechanics - A collection of indispensable tools
Lecture 18 Fixing cell references properly
Lecture 19 Grouping Excel rows and columns - The correct way to do it!
Lecture 20 Working on multiple sheets at the same time
Lecture 21 Find & Replace - Our favourite Excel tool
Lecture 22 A great way to apply Find & Replace
Lecture 23 Create easily printable documents by using Set Print Area
Lecture 24 What Are Circular References in Excel?
Lecture 25 Circular References - An example
Lecture 26 Trace precedents - Display the relationship between formulas and cells
Lecture 27 Completing 33% of the course
Section 4: Advanced Excel functions made easy
Lecture 28 What is a nested function?
Lecture 29 Advanced Excel functions: Sum; Sumif; Sumifs
Lecture 30 Advanced Excel functions: Round functions
Lecture 31 Advanced Excel functions: Iferror
Section 5: Day 4: Advanced Excel functions - Part 1
Lecture 32 Advanced Excel functions: Vlookup & Hlookup
Lecture 33 Advanced Excel functions: Index; Match; Index & Match
Lecture 34 Advanced Excel functions: Index, Match, Match
Lecture 35 Advanced Excel functions: Indirect; Vlookup & Indirect
Lecture 36 Advanced Excel functions: Rows; Columns; Vlookup & Columns
Lecture 37 Advanced Excel functions: Vlookup & Match
Lecture 38 Advanced Excel functions: Choose; Vlookup & Choose
Lecture 39 Advanced Excel functions: Offset; Offset & Match
Lecture 40 Completing 50% of the course
Section 6: Day 5: Advanced Excel functions - Part 2
Lecture 41 Financial functions: FV and PV
Lecture 42 Discounting Cash flows and calculating Net Present Value (NPV)
Lecture 43 Financial functions: IRR
Lecture 44 Financial functions: PMT and building a complete loan schedule
Lecture 45 Date functions
Section 7: Day 6: Excel Tips & Tricks
Lecture 46 Excel tips & tricks: Part 1
Lecture 47 Excel tips & tricks: Part 2
Lecture 48 Excel tips & tricks: Part 3
Lecture 49 Excel tips & tricks: Part 4
Section 8: Day 7: Financial modeling fundamentals
Lecture 50 What is a financial model?
Lecture 51 Why use a financial model?
Lecture 52 Financial modeling Don'ts - Worst practices we should avoid
Lecture 53 Financial modeling Do's - This is what solid modelers do
Lecture 54 The different types of models
Lecture 55 What is the right level of detail in a financial model?
Section 9: Forecasting future financials - A cornerstone of financial modeling
Lecture 56 Forecasting guidelines: apply these principles when forecasting financials
Lecture 57 How to build a complete model
Lecture 58 Forecasting Income statement financials
Lecture 59 Forecasting Balance sheet financials - Part one
Lecture 60 Forecasting Balance sheet financials - Part two
Section 10: Day 8: Building a complete 3-statement model
Lecture 61 Introduction to the Exercise
Lecture 62 Let's create a mapping of financials
Lecture 63 Building an output P&L sheet
Lecture 64 Filling in the output P&L sheet with historical financials
Lecture 65 Calculating percentage variances and applying conditional formatting
Lecture 66 Building an output Balance sheet
Lecture 67 Using Index, Match, Match to fill in the output Balance sheet
Lecture 68 Adding the forecast period
Section 11: Day 9: Let's build a flexible model with multiple scenarios
Lecture 69 Calculating historical percentage ratios and use Index and Match for scenarios
Lecture 70 Building a flexible model with Choose & Match
Lecture 71 Building a flexible model with Vlookup & Columns
Lecture 72 Calculating historical DSO, DPO, DIO, Other assets %, and Other liabilities %
Lecture 73 Forecasting DSO, DPO, DIO, Other assets and Other liabilities
Section 12: Day 10: We are almost there! Today we'll complete the 3-statement model
Lecture 74 Building a Fixed asset roll forward
Lecture 75 Building a Financial liabilities schedule
Lecture 76 Building an Equity schedule
Lecture 77 Preparing a Cash flow structure
Lecture 78 Calculating Cash flows and completing the model & Congratulations!
Lecture 79 Bonus Lecture: Next Steps
Aspiring financial analysts, investment bankers, private equity analysts, business intelligence consultants,People who are ambitious and want to grow faster than their peers,Anyone who wants to use Excel at its best and wants to build complete financial models


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