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Ruby On Rails Active Record 1 - How To Query Properly

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Ruby On Rails Active Record 1 - How To Query Properly
Last updated 6/2019
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First course to the series Active Record

What you'll learn
Advanced Queries using Active Record
Masterize the basics concepts of Active Record
Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails
Basic knowledge of databases
Realizing that a lot of Rails developers get in trouble because a shallow knowledge about Active Record patterns, I decided to create a series of courses, with total focus in the Model part of MVC. Different than conventional courses, where you develop a project and learn according to the lessons's context, we'll go deep into Active Record concepts and apply them in pratical examples.The idea behind of this series is to lead you to the next level of Active Record and masterize the Model part of MVC(which is in my opinion the base to develop well done back ends).These courses can be a first step to learn Rails too, I'm sure after learning deep how models works, it'll be easier to understand how the framework works.In this first course you're gonna learn:- Basics concepts to work properly with Active Record- CRUD with Active Record- Transactions and Database Locking(Bônus)- Queries(The most important content of this first course)
Section 1: Introdução
Lecture 1 Basic Concepts
Lecture 2 Migrations
Lecture 3 Rails first steps
Lecture 4 Creating a scaffold
Lecture 5 First migration
Section 2: Active Record CRUD
Lecture 6 Intro to CRUD
Lecture 7 CREATE
Lecture 8 READ
Lecture 9 UPDATE
Lecture 10 DELETE
Section 3: Extra: Transactions and Database Locking
Lecture 11 Transactions Intro
Lecture 12 Transactions part 1
Lecture 13 Transactions part 2
Lecture 14 Database Locking
Lecture 15 Optimistic Locking
Lecture 16 Pessimistic Locking
Section 4: Querying
Lecture 17 Setup
Lecture 18 where part 1
Lecture 19 where part 2
Lecture 20 Order
Lecture 21 select vs pluck
Lecture 22 Config Iterations
Lecture 23 each
Lecture 24 find_each
Lecture 25 each_with_index
Lecture 26 map
Lecture 27 select
Lecture 28 n+1 part 1
Lecture 29 n+1 part 2
Lecture 30 sum
Lecture 31 find_or_create_by
Lecture 32 dealing with records in bulk
Lecture 33 setup joins
Lecture 34 content for joins
Lecture 35 joins pt 1
Lecture 36 joins pt 2
Lecture 37 Useful methods
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