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Ruby On Rails 6 Video Subscription Application

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Ruby On Rails 6 Video Subscription Application
Last updated 3/2020
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Integration of Stripe Payment and PSI compliance

What you'll learn
Create Scaffold
Integrate Stripe System
Install Gem Figaro to securely deploy files to icloud
Display Images on Heroku
Deploy Application to heroku
Install Bootstrap Gem
Design application with Bootstrap
Integrate voting system
Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework
You'll learn how to code your own video subscription web application using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Ruby on Rails.By the end of the course, you'll also be able to build and add powerful features to your web apps including Stripe Payment SystemIf you have basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails and you want to go to the next level - this course is definitely for you.We will use next Frameworks systems and libraries:Figaro gem to securely set your environment variablesStripe API for accepting payments in your applicationHeroku service to deploy our applicationWhat are the requirements?Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails frameworkBasic knowledge of HTML/CSSHave a Ruby on Rails setup on your systemWhat am I going to get from this course?Build custom Ruby on Rails video subscription applicationUse Bootstrap 4 for your Rails appIntegrate Stripe Payments into Rails
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Section 2
Lecture 2 Create Application
Lecture 3 Install Bootstrap
Section 3: Section 3
Lecture 4 Create Scaffold Projects
Lecture 5 Install Bootstrap Form Gem
Section 4: Section 4
Lecture 6 Create Navbar
Section 5: Section 5
Lecture 7 Install Gem Devise
Lecture 8 Create a message
Section 6: Section 6
Lecture 9 Generate FriendlyId
Lecture 10 Add validations to project and user models
Lecture 11 Modify Application Controller
Lecture 12 Modify Projects Controller
Lecture 13 Create videosubscription link
Section 7: Section 7
Lecture 14 Add validations to product model
Section 8: Section 8
Lecture 15 Create a videos model and validations
Lecture 16 Create videos controller
Section 9: Section 9
Lecture 17 Create Scaffold Subscription
Lecture 18 Create subscription action in subscription controller
Lecture 19 Add payment fields to users
Lecture 20 Create helper method subscribed
Lecture 21 Add Subscription button to navigation bar
Lecture 22 Add subscription button to navigation bar
Lecture 23 Create Projects Partial
Lecture 24 Create custom.css file
Lecture 25 Install Gem Simple Form
Lecture 26 Design Signin and Signup Page
Section 10: Section 10
Lecture 27 Create Admin method
Lecture 28 Add admin method to project panel
Lecture 29 Create First Video
Lecture 30 Display video in show page
Section 11: Section 11
Lecture 31 Modify videos controller
Lecture 32 Display all projects in videos form
Lecture 33 Modify index action in videos controller
Lecture 34 Count Screencasts
Lecture 35 Add Github Link
Section 12: Section 12
Lecture 36 Create a welcome controller
Lecture 37 Design Welcome Page
Section 13: Section 13
Lecture 38 Display all projects in main page
Lecture 39 Create a second video
Section 14: Section 14
Lecture 40 Create admin panel
Lecture 41 Design Admin Panel View
Lecture 42 Modify Admin Controller
Lecture 43 Add admin panel to navigation bar
Lecture 44 Create Migration for admin panel
Lecture 45 Create a model for admin panel
Lecture 46 Display video live in home page
Section 15: Section 15
Lecture 47 Dispaly Project Presentation on videos page
Lecture 48 Design view of project in index view
Section 16: Section 16
Lecture 49 Create scafold Free Projects
Lecture 50 Add Validations to Free Projects Model
Lecture 51 Create a method for creating free projects
Lecture 52 Design view for Free Projects
Lecture 53 Create Scaffold Free Video
Lecture 54 Design view for Free Projects
Lecture 55 Design free video show page
Lecture 56 Add validations in Free Videos Model
Lecture 57 Design view for free videos
Lecture 58 Create _form.html.erb in Free Videos folder
Lecture 59 Add additional field FreeProject Table
Lecture 60 Add Project Panel to main view
Lecture 61 Add resources for free videos
Lecture 62 Create new.html.erb in Free Videos Folder
Section 17: Repository of Rails Video Subscription Application
Lecture 63 Ready file of the course
Anyone who wants to learn how to build video subscription website


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