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Ruby On Rails 6 Products Subscription Application

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Ruby On Rails 6 Products Subscription Application
Last updated 3/2020
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Integration of Stripe Payment and PSI compliance

What you'll learn
Create scaffold
Integrate Stripe
Install Bootstrap Gem
Design application with Bootsrap
Install Gem Figaro
Rails 6
Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework
You'll learn how to code your own Products Subscription Application web application using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Ruby on Rails.What are the requirements?Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails frameworkBasic knowledge of HTML/CSSHave a Ruby on Rails setup on your systemWhat am I going to get from this course?Build custom Ruby on Rails Products Subscription Application application with latest Stripe PaymentCreate products plans with different price(Newbie, Advanced, Expert) with latest Stripe PaymentIntegrate latest Stripe jаvascript formUse Bootstrap 4 for your Rails appInstalling DeviseAdding Users with DeviseExploring Our New Devise FunctionalitySign Up and Sign In LinksCustomize Devise RoutesRedesigning the Sign and Sign Up PagesCreating a ScaffoldResources in RailsIntegrate Stripe Payment Through Current UserForcing People to Log InDesign Navigation bar and jаvascript
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Create Application
Lecture 2 Create Application
Section 3: User Authentication
Lecture 3 Add jаvascript
Lecture 4 Create Stripe Plans for Subscriptions
Lecture 5 Create Scaffold Products
Lecture 6 Install Devise
Lecture 7 Add Stripe columns to users table
Lecture 8 Create a model for a Depository
Lecture 9 Add associations to user.rb
Lecture 10 Generate uploader for images
Lecture 11 Add associations to product.rb
Section 4: Costs Controller
Lecture 12 Add authentication to Products Controller
Lecture 13 Create a method for depository
Lecture 14 Create Depository Controller
Lecture 15 Create registrations controller
Lecture 16 Create Costs Controller
Lecture 17 Create Subscriptions Controller
Lecture 18 Install Gem Figaro
Section 5: Desih authentication view
Lecture 19 Create _header.html.erb
Lecture 20 Create admin and subscribed methods in Application Controller
Lecture 21 Add links for admin and subscribed user in _navbar.html.erb partial
Lecture 22 Design Sign In and Sign Up Views
Section 6: Stripe Controller
Lecture 23 Design Subscription page
Lecture 24 Create a file custom.css
Lecture 25 Create a file signin.css
Lecture 26 Create stripe.css
Lecture 27 Create Stripe Controller
Lecture 28 Create a file subscriptions.js
Section 7: Products Page
Lecture 29 Design Products Page
Lecture 30 Design _product.html.erb partial
Lecture 31 Add image field to products table
Section 8: Additional Styles
Lecture 32 Add additional styles to applicatin.scss
Section 9: Subscribe a first user
Lecture 33 Add subscriptions buttons for products plans
Lecture 34 Subscribe a first user
Lecture 35 Ready files of the course
Anyone who wants business application with Stripe,Anyone who wants application with Products Plans for Subscription


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