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Real Estates, basic concepts and analysis

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Real Estates, basic concepts and analysis
Published 08/2022
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Understanding real estate concepts and analysis

What you'll learn
Understand the basic concepts related to real estate
Know the four reasons and considerations related to why people invest in real estate
Be aware of how speculation, risks and historical returns may affect investors and investments
Distinguish between valuation and pricing
Understand and apply the different approaches to real estate valuation
Basic algebra
Using a calculator
Class Overview
· This class is about the ground rules concepts in real estate and approaches to real estate analysis
What You Will Learn
Understand what is real estate and why most people own them
How speculation affect real estate markets
The four reasons for investing in real estates, and the basic risk associated.
Consideration to check before investing in real estate
Distinguish between various real estate products
Presentation of some historical returns
Real estate markets, cycles and history
Time value of money and basic mortgage maths
Narrative and numbers, how to differentiate between valuation and pricing
Understanding and applying relative valuation
Understanding and applying intrinsic valuation, the economic value and the DCF ,ethod
Rule 72
Why You Should Take This Class
Every household live in a house and the cost of housing represent their major spending and sometimes is their only investment. you want to understand what is real estate? from basis concepts to valuation
This class will provide you with the skills of an entry level real estate investor
The professional will learn the basics and the ground rules that sustain real estate valuation
Who This Class is For
This class is geared to a broad audience; beginners who want to get the fundamentals and Professionals looking for consolidations
Prior knowledge required is basic algebra, and ability to use a calculator
Presentations slides
The project in high level description
How to value an income property, a 20 apartment building, using different approaches such as relative valuation, economic value and the DCF method.
Who this course is for
Potential household owners
Individuals having interest in real estate
Beginners willing to learn how to assess the value of an income property


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