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Udemy - Introduction To Programming For Beginners

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Udemy - Introduction To Programming For Beginners
Last updated 6/2021
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Practical Hands-On beginners Programming step by step.

What you'll learn
Build and program a calculator
Build and program a digital clock
Understand Data Types
Understanding and creating Variables
Understand and create Arrays
Understand and use Conditional Statements
Understand and use Functions
Execute a program
Write Syntax
Understand Output and Input
Access and use developer tool console
You should be able to use a PC at beginner level
You should be comfortable navigating the internet.
Programming can be fun as well as challenging.This course provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language. I will use the jаvascript programming language to explore the core syntax of a programming language,and show you how to write and execute programs.
I will be using jаvascript , the most popular scripting language in the world to explore the core concepts of programming . It is responsible for the interactivity like games, online forms or surveys and other activities user's can engage with on a website. Most dynamic if not all website contains some element of jаvascript.
jаvascript programming language drives millions of interactive web sites, powers fast web servers and can even be used to build desktop and mobile applications
The course will teach you topics like
ExpressionsInstalling Text EditorOutputInputCode CommentsStatementsMixing data typesVariablesVariable naming convention.Data TypesString operatorsAssignment operatorsComparison operatorsLogical operatorsOperatorsArraysFunctionsWorking with numbers, characters, strings, and operatorsConditional Statements
The projects we will create include
Digital calculatorDigital clock
By the end of this course you will be confident to build more useful projects .
Section 1: What is Programming
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is Programming
Lecture 3 Programming Languages
Lecture 4 What is jаvascript
Lecture 5 The Developer Console
Lecture 6 Syntax
Lecture 7 What are statements
Lecture 8 Expressions
Lecture 9 Executing a program
Lecture 10 Output
Lecture 11 Input
Lecture 12 Code Comments
Lecture 13 Text Editors
Section 2: Basic Programming Concepts
Lecture 14 What are Variables
Lecture 15 Variable naming convention
Lecture 16 Data Types
Lecture 17 Mixing Data Types
Lecture 18 What are Operators
Lecture 19 Arithmetic Operators
Lecture 20 Assignment Operators
Lecture 21 Operator Precedence
Lecture 22 String Operators
Lecture 23 Comparison Operators
Lecture 24 Logical Operators
Lecture 25 What are Arrays
Lecture 26 Conditional Statements
Lecture 27 Functions
Section 3: Project: Coding a Calculator
Lecture 28 What we will create
Lecture 29 Design and sketch
Lecture 30 Creating directory and files
Lecture 31 Creating the structure - part 1
Lecture 32 Creating the structure - part 2
Lecture 33 Making it work
Lecture 34 Making it look nice
Section 4: Project: Coding a Digital Clock
Lecture 35 What we will create
Lecture 36 Design and sketch
Lecture 37 Creating the structure
Lecture 38 Making it work
Lecture 39 Making it look nice
Section 5: Programming with Python ( Setting up environment)
Lecture 40 What is Python
Lecture 41 What is Jupyter Notebook
Lecture 42 Installing Jupyter Notebook Server
Lecture 43 Running Jupyter Notebook Server
Lecture 44 Jupyter Notebook User Interface
Lecture 45 Creating a new Notebook
Lecture 46 Common Jupyter Notebook Commands
Section 6: Python Programming Fundamentals
Lecture 47 Expressions
Lecture 48 Statements
Lecture 49 Comments
Lecture 50 Data Types
Lecture 51 Casting Data Types
Lecture 52 Variables
Lecture 53 List
Lecture 54 Dictionary
Lecture 55 Operators
Lecture 56 Conditional statements
Lecture 57 Loops
Lecture 58 Functions
Lecture 59 Thank You
Absolute beginners to programming


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