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Udemy -Introduction To Financial Ratio Analysis

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Udemy -Introduction To Financial Ratio Analysis
Last updated 1/2022
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Learn to calculate and interpret various activity, liquidity, solvency, profitability, and valuation ratios

What you'll learn
Calculate and interpret various financial multiples
Learn how to evaluate a company using ratio analysis
Interpret ratios used in credit & equity analysis
Ratio analysis & forecasting
No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics.
Are you in for some financial ratio analysis?Have you ever wondered what the ROE, P/E, EPS, ROA, GPM abbreviations mean and how to interpret them?You have come to the right place!Among all the benefits of the course, its integrity is what makes it so comprehensive and easily digestible. It will help you understand how ratio analysis works in practice.We will train you to recognize whether a company:- Is generating sufficient profits to cover its expenses- Is heavily in debt and headed to insolvency- Has some liquidity issues and significant cash shortages- Is under- or overvaluedIn fact, this is essential for those of you who have taken on a career in Finance, such as:Finance ManagerFinancial AnalystEquity AnalystInvestor, orSomeone who is just keen to enhance their financial literacy and skills.We will tackle several categories of financial multiples with practical examples and challenges aiming to reinforce what you have learned. The course is beautifully animated, easy to follow, and interactive. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate training experience for you!The financial ratios that we will cover fall into the following categories:Activity ratiosTrade receivables turnoverTrade payables turnoverInventory turnoverLiquidity ratiosCurrent ratioCash ratioQuick ratioSolvency ratiosDebt-to-assetsDebt-to-capitalDebt-to-equityFinancial LeverageProfitability ratiosGross profit marginOperating profit marginNet profit marginReturn on assets (ROA)Return on equity (ROE)Valuation ratiosEarnings per share (EPS)Price/earnings ratio (P/E)Dividend yieldIn addition, we will examine a key technique called the DuPont Analysis.It compiles a number of ratios into a comprehensive financial analysis framework. This is а definite must-know for everyone interested in becoming a seasoned professional in the field.And that's not all!By the end of the course, you will also get the chance to compute some financial ratios employed in equity and credit analysis, as well as learn what segment reporting is.Finally, we will illustrate how ratio analysis can be used to model and forecast earnings. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?We are happy to offer an unconditional 30-day money-back in full guarantee. No risk for you. The content of the course is superior, and we have no doubt you will love it.Knowledge is the most powerful weapon for all, especially in times of crisis!So, why wait? Every day is a missed opportunity.Click the "Buy Now" button and become a part of our Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis training today.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What Does the Course Cover?
Lecture 2 Tools and Techniques Used in Financial Analysis
Section 2: Types of Ratios
Lecture 3 Calculating and Interpreting Activity Ratios
Lecture 4 Activity Ratios - Practical Example
Lecture 5 Calculating and Interpreting Liquidity Ratios
Lecture 6 Calculating and Interpreting Solvency Ratios
Lecture 7 Calculating and Interpreting Profitability Ratios
Lecture 8 Calculating and Interpreting Valuation Ratios
Lecture 9 Evaluating a Company Using Ratio Analysis
Section 3: Ratio Analysis & Forecasting
Lecture 10 DuPont Analysis
Lecture 11 DuPont Analysis - Practical Example
Lecture 12 Ratios Used in Equity Analysis
Lecture 13 Ratios Used in Credit Analysis
Lecture 14 Segment Reporting
Lecture 15 Forecasting a Company's Performance
Lecture 16 Forecasting a Company's Net Income and Cash Flows
Lecture 17 Ratio Analysis & Assessing the Credit Quality of Debt Investments
Lecture 18 Ratio Analysis & Equity Investments
Lecture 19 Financial Analysis - Adjustments to the Financial Statements
Section 4: Practice & Downloadable Materials
Lecture 20 SaleSmart's Financial Ratios Pack
Lecture 21 SaleSmart's Blank Financial Ratios Pack
Lecture 22 Practice Questions
Lecture 23 Practice Questions with Answers & Explanations
Lecture 24 Formula Sheet
Lecture 25 DuPont Formulas
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