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Udemy - Introduction To Big Data

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Udemy - Introduction To Big Data
Last updated 6/2021
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Learn the basics of big data

What you'll learn
Define Big Data
Define High Volume
Define High Variety
Define High Velocity
Understand Google's Big Data Approach
Understand a Cluster
Understand Nodes
Define Google File System -GFS
Understand Big Table
Understand MapReduce
Define Apache Hadoop
Internet Access
Basic Computer Skills
Big data is a big buzz word and everyone seems to be talking about it, but what exactly is big data ? Where is this data coming from, how is it being processed, and how are the results being used?
What is big data?
Big data can be characterised as data that has high volume,high variety and high velocity. Data includes numbers, text, images, audio, video, or any other kind of information you might store on your computer. Volume, velocity, and variety are sometimes called "the 3 V's of big data."
What kind of datasets are considered big data?
Examples includes social media network analyzing their members' data to learn more about them and connect them with content and advertising relevant to their interests, or search engines looking at the relationship between queries and results to give better answers to users' questions.
How is big data analyzed?
One of the best known methods for turning raw data into useful information is by what is known as MapReduce. MapReduce is a method for taking a large data set and performing computations on it across multiple computers, in parallel. It serves as a model for how program, and is often used to refer to the actual implementation of this model.
MapReduce consists of two parts. The Map function does sorting and filtering, taking data and placing it inside of categories so that it can be analysed. The Reduce function provides a summary of this data by combining it all together.
What You Will Learn
What is big data What is high volume What is high variety What is high variety Google's Big Data Approach What is Cluster What is a Node What is GFS What is Big Table What is MapReduce What is Hadoop
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is Big Data
Lecture 3 What is High Volume
Lecture 4 What is High Variety
Lecture 5 What is High Velocity
Section 2: Google's Big Data Approach | Introduction To Hadoop
Lecture 6 Introduction to the Google Approach
Lecture 7 What is a cluster
Lecture 8 What is a Node
Lecture 9 The Google File System -GFS
Lecture 10 Google's Big Table
Lecture 11 What is MapReduce
Lecture 12 Introduction To Apache Hadoop
Lecture 13 Thank You
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