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How To Sell Without Being Salesy For Building Professionals

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How To Sell Without Being Salesy For Building Professionals
Published 8/2022
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Learn a simple, practical, non-salesy approach to selling

What you'll learn
In this course you will learn a simple, practical, non-salesy approach to selling.
Understand key elements of buyer psychology and what your customers really want.
Discover how to differentiate yourself from your competition using energy efficiency and sustainability.
Learn a practical 5 step sales process based on one of the best validated sales methods available today.
No experience necessary. This course will take the mystery out of selling and give you a practical step by step sales plan today.
The building industry is very competitive and most of the time when you are trying to close a deal or sell your product you end up competing on price which is a race to the bottom to try and offer the cheapest price possible.But of course, we all know you get what you pay for so by having to reduce your price you end up with less profit, more stress on managing your cash flow and you might even need to compromise on the high-quality product you want to deliver to your clients.Having a good sales process can help your clients see the value you offer but many building professionals don't love the sales process. We've all experienced being sold to in a pushy, sleazy way, and it's often quite an unpleasant experience and we don't want to be that person.As a result many building professionals are uncomfortable with the sales process and wish they could just do good work without having to go through those awkward sales conversations.Selling is an essential skill for any business because if you don't sell your stuff, you know you won't be in business for long.If you are selling a sustainability related product or service you also need to sell in order to deliver the positive outcomes you are wanting.In our experience when someone says they hate sales, usually what they really mean is they don't want to be salesy (who does?).In this course you will learn a simple, practical, non-salesy approach to selling.You will learn how you can use energy efficiency, which is one of the biggest market trends in housing today, as a competitive advantage without having to constantly compete on price, boosting your profits whilst allowing you to deliver the quality product you want to your clients without having to cut corners.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 The Needs Development Process
Lecture 3 The Value Equation
Section 2: The Market Research about what Homeowners Want
Lecture 4 Overview of the Market Research
Lecture 5 The Three-tiered Cake Model
Section 3: Selling Sustainability Related Products and Services
Lecture 6 Consumers Buy Benefits, Not Features
Lecture 7 Benefits are Contextual
Lecture 8 Features Functions and Benefits - How to Uncover Benefits
Lecture 9 Features Functions and Benefits Example with Double Glazed Windows
Lecture 10 Features Functions and Benefits Matrix
Lecture 11 Selling Sustainability - Meet Johnny
Lecture 12 Selling Sustainability - Know your Tribe
Section 4: The SPINS Method
Lecture 13 Introducing the SPINS Method
Lecture 14 Large Sales Require a Different Approach
Lecture 15 The Preliminaries
Lecture 16 Situation Questions
Lecture 17 Problem Questions
Lecture 18 Activity - Problem Questions
Lecture 19 Implication Questions
Lecture 20 Stacking the Value Equation
Lecture 21 Activity - Implication Questions
Lecture 22 Need Payoff Questions
Lecture 23 Link Between Need Payoff and Implications Questions
Lecture 24 Activity - Need Payoff Questions
Lecture 25 Understanding Value
Lecture 26 Features vs Benefits
Lecture 27 The Solution
Lecture 28 Activity - Linking Benefits to your Solution
Lecture 29 Practice Makes Perfect
Lecture 30 Finish Line
Section 5: Extra Content
Lecture 31 Extra Content - MBA Podcast Interview Part 1
Lecture 32 Extra Content - MBA Podcast Interview Part 2
Lecture 33 Extra content to help you design your website Landing Page
This course has been designed for builders and building professionals including architects, engineers, building trades, energy assessors, surveyors and interior designers.,Anyone who needs to sell a product or service and wants a simple, practical, "non-salesy" step by step approach to selling.,Anyone who is interested in using energy efficiency and sustainable building design to sell more.


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