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Fitness-Yoga-Pilates Combined - Quick Home Workout Program

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Fitness-Yoga-Pilates Combined - Quick Home Workout Program
Published 8/2022
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21 Days Home Workout based on Fitness, Yoga and Pilates principles for fat loss and backpain aid with your own weight

What you'll learn
Quick and Efficient Home Workout !
Feel Strong and Lose Fat With Bodyweight Exercises !
Improve Your Core Strength, Upper Body Strength and Your Legs and Booty !
Tone Up Your Belly, Arms, Chest and Shoulders !
Improve Your Posture !
Eliminate Your Back Pain !
Perform The Exercises With Perfect Form ! (Exercise videos Included)
No experience needed , just you and your mat !
Let me ask you a few questions ; -Are you happy with the extra pounds you're carrying around ?-Are you happy with your well-being ? -Do you wanna know what is it feel like to wake up without back pain and fully energized ? -Have you ever thought why you can't lose weight ?-Maybe you've asked yourself why do I skip workouts after a while ?I`ve been there :)What if I told you there's one thing , just one thing that can help you to change your current situation? -IF you can spend 25 minutes , 3 times a week,-IF you want to see difference in short period of time and will motivate you,-IF you can follow a dietary program that won't put you on starving,This course is just for you ! While designing this program, I aimed to help people who claims themselves as lazy. Forget about all the fitness myths you've been told. This totally science based program with proven methods will allow you to lose fat , prevent your back pain , gain muscle and take your fitness level to the next level! I created this program with combining best principles of different methods such as HIIT, Pilates, Functional Training and most importantly Yoga.YOU DON`T HAVE TO SPEND HOURS on long work out sessions.Your time is valuable and you get demotivated when there's no results! I picked every method's best part so this will get you to reach your goals faster with less effort.If you're ready to improve your fitness and your health, enroll today and join our community!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to IpekY Workout
Section 2: Example Diets
Lecture 2 Diet Plan Example for Men
Lecture 3 Diet Plan Example for Women
Section 3: Time to Workout!
Lecture 4 DAY 1
Lecture 5 DAY 2
Lecture 6 DAY 3
Lecture 7 Day 4
Lecture 8 Day 6
Lecture 9 Day 7
Lecture 10 Day 8
Lecture 11 Day 9
Lecture 12 Day 10
Lecture 13 Day 11
Lecture 14 Day 13
Lecture 15 Day 14
Lecture 16 Day 15
Lecture 17 Day 16
Lecture 18 Day 17
Lecture 19 Day 18
Lecture 20 Day 20
Lecture 21 Day 21
People claims themself as lazy and have limited time,People works 8 to 5 in office, on computer all the time,People wants to learn how to lose fat instantly and feel energized without spending hours,People looking for a well designed, science-based workout that will help them build muscle


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