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Financial Modeling Build A Forward Looking Integrated Model

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Financial Modeling Build A Forward Looking Integrated Model
Last updated 10/2021
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Learn financial modeling skills - Forecast Income statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows Statement for any company

What you'll learn
Parse through the Annual Report of any real company
Build historical financial statements of any real company
Forecast future financial statements of any real company
Link the Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flows statement
Calculate Income Statement and Balance Sheet ratios
Blend macro-economic perspectives for growth forecasting
Extrapolate historical ratios for future
None. We will teach everything from scratch.
Welcome to our very popular Financial Modeling: Build a forward looking integrated model course.
We are glad to meet you. If only we could shake hands!
Are you wondering how is this course going to be useful to you?
Hey, did you watch the promo video? If not, please do.
If you are a financial modeling analyst in a company, then this course will prepare you for the job.
Look, the financial modeling jobs are high paying jobs.
So your prospective employer will want you to be on a real life project on day 1.
Our course does exactly that - we make you job ready for your prospective project / daily work.
What makes our course different from others?
Our course content is unique - you learn exactly what you are required to do in your daily work.
We will forecast the financial statements of a large US company for the next 5 years.
You get 2 hours of crisp synthesized practical real life illustrations of all concepts.
You will be carrying out the real life illustration along with the instructor.
Same set up as the instructor. All illustration spreadsheets are shared.
It's almost like as if somebody is guiding you in person to carry out the various analysis.
You are going to love our instructor's teaching style.
He makes it very engaging and fun learning experience.
You will have practice assignments / course challenges with varying difficulty levels to test your learning from the course.
Our support team responds to any course queries within 24 hours of your request.
And of course, the price is competitive.
What will you learn in this course?
Everything required to learn how to forecast the financial model of a company/
Reading Annual Reports, Historical Financial Statements, Financial Statement Forecasting - all are covered.
A standardized financial modeling template to cover all sectors.
You can watch the FREE course previews in the CURRICULUM section.
Read through the entire CURRICULUM section if you can.
All modules with details of lectures are provided.
What next?
Well, we sincerely hope to see you inside the course.
We wish you well and good luck.
Still confused? Don't hesitate to reach out.
Section 1: How to make an integrated financial model?
Lecture 1 What are we going to learn in this modular course?
Lecture 2 What are the key financial statements?
Lecture 3 Illustration for this modular course
Lecture 4 Download the illustration exercise for the course
Lecture 5 The six steps to forecast the financial statements of a company
Lecture 6 Step 1: Capturing the historical IS & BS
Lecture 7 Step 2a: Calculating historical IS ratios
Lecture 8 Step 2b: Calculating historical BS ratios
Lecture 9 Step 3a: Extrapolating future IS ratios
Lecture 10 Step 3b: Extrapolating future BS ratios
Lecture 11 Quick recap so far
Lecture 12 Step 4a: Forecasting the future IS statement
Lecture 13 Step 4b: Forecasting the future BS - assets side
Lecture 14 Step 4c: Forecasting the future BS - liabilities side
Lecture 15 What are the components of a CF statement
Lecture 16 Step 5a: Forecast CF from operations
Lecture 17 Step 5b: Forecasting the CF from investments
Lecture 18 Step 5c: Forecasting CF from financing
Lecture 19 Step 5d: Calculating the cash balance at end of year
Lecture 20 Step 6: Integrating CF statement with BS
Lecture 21 Recap: What did we learn in the course?
Lecture 22 Practice Assignment : DIFFICULTY LEVEL - HARD
Lecture 24 Please provide us your valuable feedback
Lecture 25 Queries
Lecture 26 Please provide us your valuable feedback
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