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Computer Science 101 - The Magic behind the Bits and Bytes

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Computer Science 101 - The Magic behind the Bits and Bytes
Published 08/2022
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Everything I wish I had known before I started studying Computer Science (CS)

What you'll learn
Representation of numbers in a computer
Boolean logic and logical operators
Logical gates
Representation of data types in computers
Mathematics basics for computer science
Tools for programming (Unix Shell etc.)
Short introduction to algorithms and data structures
Computer Programs 101
Computer Architecture 101
Basics of programming (pseudo code)
Computer with Windows (64bit), Linux (64bit) or MacOS
Course Description
You are about to start your computer science studies and want to prepare yourself?
Then you should enroll in this course.
In more than 6 hours I will teach you the most important basics, which will be discussed in the first months of your studies.
This course is especially for people who have no experience in computer science.
We will start with the 0's and 1's in a computer and then work our way step by step.
At the end you will have understood how a CPU gets the task to add numbers from a computer program and how the CPU executes this task.
In addition to the theory, the most important software tools will also be introduced. (like the Unix shell).
This course consists of the following topics
Binary Numbers
Hexa-Decimal Numbers
MSB, LSB and Endianess
Binary Addition and Subtraction
One's and Two's Complement
Boolean logic and truth tables
Logical Gates
Bit Shifting and Masks
Floating Point Numbers
ASCII Characters
UTF-8 Encoding
Mathematics Basics
What is an algorithm?
What is a graph?
What is a tree?
Computer Architecture 101
Computer programs 101
Linux and the Unix Shell
Git, Github and VSCode
Features of a modern programming language
Enroll now and we'll get started together to deep dive into the world of computer science.
See you in class!
Who this course is for
For aspiring computer science students or trainees

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