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Complete Italian Course Learning Italian For Beginners 2022

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Complete Italian Course Learning Italian For Beginners 2022
Published 8/2022
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Grammar Fundamentals, Real conversations, Common life dialogues, Travel dialogues, Numbers, Lot of exercices included!

What you'll learn
1000+ new vocabulary words used everyday
Proper Italian pronunciation repeated several times
How to create basic sentences
You will learn how to deal in the most important everyday situations
You will master Italian dialogues and phrases that can be used on a daily basis
Read and write in Italian
Basics of Italian grammar
No need of Italian basic knowledge
Through this course you will learn as fast as possible Italian mastering the grammar basics as well as learning more than 1000 words alongside their correct pronunciation!During this course you will learn, in a very complete and interactive way, how to speak and create sentences from scratch for different real-life situations. In particular, in the first section of this course you the grammar basics are explained. The most important rules are included and explained as well. A complete explanation is provided making also differences between English and Italian languages in order to make the learning much easier and more understandable.Furthermore, an entire lecture about numbers and how to read is provided. The third section is about verbs, in particular the verb To Be and To Have.At this point, the next lectures are more interactive and the approach used is Dialogues-based. In other words, dialogues related to real life situations are provided alongside their translation. During such lectures the teacher will read both the English and Italian dialogues in order that the students will practice with the pronunciation as well as they will learn both such sentences and the words that they include.Moreover, you will be able to learn how to create Italian sentences using REAL EXAMPLES. This approach will make your learning EASIER and FASTER! Additionally, for each dialogues-based lecture an entire lecture about the nomenclature (related to the topic of the previous lecture) is provided. Through these lectures you will learn the correct pronunciation and you will practice with the teacher your pronunciation.Finally, a small exercise-book is provided with solutions too!What are you waiting for? Let's learn Italian with US!
Section 1: Introduction & Grammar Basics
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Teaching Approach & Course Outline
Lecture 3 Singular and Plural
Lecture 4 Articles
Lecture 5 Pronouns
Section 2: Numbers
Lecture 6 Numbers from 0 to 100
Section 3: Verbs
Lecture 7 Verb to BE
Lecture 8 Verb to HAVE
Section 4: Travelling
Lecture 9 Public Transport
Lecture 10 Nomenclature: Public Transport
Lecture 11 At the Customs
Lecture 12 Nomenclature: At the Customs
Section 5: On Holiday
Lecture 13 At the Hotel
Lecture 14 Nomenclature: At the Hotel
Lecture 15 At the Restaurant
Lecture 16 Nomenclature: At the Restaurant
Lecture 17 At the Supermarket
Lecture 18 Nomenclature: At the Supermarket
Lecture 19 At the Bar
Lecture 20 Nomenclature: At the Bar
Section 6: Services and Emergency
Lecture 21 At the Doctor and Hospital
Lecture 22 Nomenclature: At the Doctor and Hospital
Lecture 23 At the Farmacy
Lecture 24 Nomenclature: At the Farmacy
Lecture 25 At the Police Station
Lecture 26 Nomenclature: At the Police Station
Section 7: Social Relations
Lecture 27 Greetings and Polite Conversation
Section 8: Additional Exercices with SOLUTIONS!
Lecture 28 Exercices
Lecture 29 Solutions
Section 9: Bonus Section
Lecture 30 Bonus
Whoever wants to learn Italian and want to take a trip in Italy without being scared by the fact that you cannot communicate with others


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