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Udemy - Basic Compass Navigation

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Udemy - Basic Compass Navigation
Last updated 3/2018
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Finding your way

What you'll learn
Upon Completeing this course the student will understand the basic use of a compass to not only find direction but also how to travel over distance in a straight line, understand how far they have traveled and be able to find the way back to a know point of origin
You will need a Base Plate style compass for this set of exersises as well as a set of Pace beads these can be made during the course and there wil be instruction on doing this, a Pad and Pencil will be usefull for taking notes
This course will teach you the basic parts of a compass, how to identify a Northern Direction, correctly set a travel bearing, use your compass to travel over distance leap frogging to avoid lateral drift and to find you way back to know point of origin. We will discuss how to negotiate an obstacle and get back on your correct line of travel, as well as how to factor in how far you have actually walked using a pace count method. The basics of Compass navigation can give you a new sense of confidence when traveling in the outdoors, and allow you to leave the beaten path to discover the wonders of nature that others may not see.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Basic Compass Navigation Lesson 1 Parts of the Basic Compass
Lecture 3 Basic Compass Navigation Declination
Lecture 4 Basic Compass Navigation Walking a straight line
Lecture 5 Basic Compass Navigation Selecting a Travel Direction
Lecture 6 Basic Compass Navigation Plugging in a Visual Bearing
Lecture 7 Basic Compass Navigation Leap Frogging
Lecture 8 Basic Compass Navigation Reverse Azimuths
Lecture 9 Basic Compass Navigation Boxing an Obstacle
Lecture 10 Basic Compass Navigation Pace Counting
Lecture 11 Basic Compass Navigation Judging Distance
Lecture 12 The X Box Exercise
Lecture 13 Compass as a Multi Tool
Lecture 14 Basic compass Completion and Continued learning
Anyone new to the Outdoors or new to using a compass for Navigation


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