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Adobe Lightroom - Smart Tips To Boost Your Adobe Skills

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Adobe Lightroom - Smart Tips To Boost Your Adobe Skills
Published 8/2022
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Learn Adobe Lightroom features: custom presets, smart previews, Loupe Overlay, panoramas, colour conversion & much more

What you'll learn
Describe the various features of Adobe Lightroom that affect brightness and color of images.
Establish a particular aesthetic for images by creating custom presets.
Understand the function of Loupe Overlay.
Perform a panoramic view by merging multiple images in Adobe Lightroom.
No design skills required. You just need to have photos that you can use to explore the features of Adobe Lightroom.
Get instant access to a workbook on Adobe Lightroom, follow along, and keep for referenceIntroduce yourself to our community of students in this course and tell us your goals with data scienceEncouragement and celebration of your progress every step of the way: 25% > 50% > 75% & 100%Over 30 minutes of clear and concise step-by-step instructions, lessons, and engagementKnowledge Checks to assess your knowledge and skillsThis Smart Tips for Adobe Photoshop course has been designed to help artists and graphic designers who create logos, icons, charts, infographics, posters, ads, books, magazines, and brochures.What you will learn:Describe the various features of Adobe LightroomEstablish a particular aesthetic for images by creating custom presetsUnderstand the function of Loupe OverlayPerform a panoramic view by merging multiple images in Adobe Lightroom...and more!Who are the Instructors?Mike Lanesman is your lead instructor – a professional making a living from teaching graphics and design. As a graphic design expert, he has joined with content creator Peter Alkema to bring you this amazing new course.You'll get premium support and feedback to help you become more confident with editing your favourite photos in Adobe Lightroom!Enrol now, and we'll help you improve your Adobe Lightroom skills!Peter and Mike
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Preview and Download The Adobe LightRoom Workbook That You Get In This Course
Lecture 3 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Everyone What Are Your Goals
Lecture 4 Student Testimonials For Mike Lanesman "Nice tip! Thanks Mike"
Lecture 5 Let's Celebrate Your Progress In This Course: 25% > 50% > 75% > 100%!!
Section 2: Presets and Adjustments
Lecture 6 Perform a Black & White Lightroom Conversion
Lecture 7 Explore White Balance in Lightroom
Lecture 8 Create Your Own Custom Presets
Lecture 9 You've Achieved 25% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 50% >>
Section 3: View Options
Lecture 10 Use Smart Previews in Lightroom
Lecture 11 Understand Loupe Overlay
Lecture 12 Create Panoramic View in Lightroom
Lecture 13 You've Achieved 50% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 75% >>
Section 4:[Optional] More Adobe Insights From Q&A Webinar Interview With Mike Lanesman
Lecture 14 Adobe creative software summary, introduction to Mike Lanesman, and some thought
Lecture 15 All about the Adobe community and upcoming courses; sign up and participate
Lecture 16 After a question on managing lighting on a budget and editing, Mike responds.
Lecture 17 "I can shoot great pictures, and software elevates me to the next level"
Lecture 18 Understand the value of studying Adobe and the reasons for its popularity.
Lecture 19 Does Adobe accept one-time purchases for its products, or are all purchases made
Lecture 20 Find advice on the best editing programs for producing stunning backgrounds.
Lecture 21 Find out the basics of graphic design, including how to get started.
Lecture 22 Would improving photographic skills be preferable than enhancing editing skills
Lecture 23 You've Achieved 75% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 100% >>
Lecture 24 Taking photos with phones, overcompensating for editing, and other issues
Lecture 25 Beginning the courses for where and how to start learning Adobe software
Lecture 26 Is it possible to detect whether a photo has been edited?
Lecture 27 Learn how to take good smartphone photos and what specifications to look for.
Lecture 28 Develop your Adobe talents to make money while starting a business
Lecture 29 Learn Adobe Creative Skills From Qualified Instructor Mike Lanesman
Lecture 30 You've Achieved 100% >> Let's Celebrate! Remember To Share Your Certificate!!
This course is intended for anyone who wants to develop their skills in photography and visual design.


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