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Udemy - SAP S/4Hana Sales And Distribution

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Udemy - SAP S/4Hana Sales And Distribution

Last updated 7/2022
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SAP S4 HANA SD Training
What you'll learn
Understand what is SAP HANA
Understand the future of SAP S/4HANA
Understand the design philosophy of SAP S/4HANA
Get a deep understanding of the Documents on SD Documents and its Data
Get a detail insight into Supporting Functionality within Sales Process
Basic SAP Knowhow is helpful
Attention to the following:I don't do live training. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am not associated with SAP. SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary software of SAP, as such, I am not authorized to provide access to SAP. You can officially get SAP Access to practice on the SAP system from the SAP website. I can't put a link here because Udemy won't let me. Google "SAP Access" and you can find the URL for the same.SAP S/4HANA is SAP's ERP suite re-engineered on the SAP HANA platform. Most of the SAP consultants I talk to have typically heard of HANA or S/4HANA. But there is so much marketing jargon behind it that it is sometimes confusing to pinpoint what HANA or S/4HANA really is:• Is it an ERP?• Is it a database?• Is it an IoT?• Is it a data warehouse?Also, more important• Why did SAP devise a columnar in-memory database called HANA?• And why is SAP trying to reinvent the SAP ERP suite on the SAP HANA database as SAP S4HANA?• And why are more and more applications (read transactions) being rewritten in Fiori instead of ABAP?To all these questions you will know the answers precisely in this course.SAP S/4HANA is the same SAP ERP that you already know as a functional consultant in your respective areas. So,• Have new business processes been introduced in S/4HANA?• Should I unlearn something from my current ERP experience?• How should I proceed to learn S/4HANA?• What are the main delta changes available in the latest version of SAP S/4HANA?• Where to look for delta changes?• What are the changes in SAP SD?• What are the changes in SAP MM?These are some of the questions whose answers you will know in the next half of the course.And finally, how do you implement S/4HANA?• What happens to the existing ERP implementation?• What are the implementation options?• How long will SAP ERP continue to be supported?• Will all new SAP implementations be on S/4HANA?Learn everything you need to know about S/4HANA. SUCCESS AND FORWARD
Section 1: Introducción
Lecture 1 Introduction to SAP S4HANA SD
Section 2: Overview of Sales Process
Lecture 2 Overview of Sales Process
Section 3: SAP Navigation
Lecture 3 SAP Navigation
Section 4: Define SD Org Structure
Lecture 4 Define SD Org Structure
Section 5: Assign SD Org Structure
Lecture 5 Assign SD Org Structure
Section 6: Basic SD Business Roles
Lecture 6 Basic SD Business Roles
Section 7: Significance of Master Data
Lecture 7 Significance of Master Data
Section 8: Material Master Data
Lecture 8 Material Master Data
Section 9: Add Material Stock
Lecture 9 Add Material Stock
Section 10: Sales Order Processing
Lecture 10 Sales Order Processing
Section 11: Shipping Point Determination
Lecture 11 Shipping Point Determination
Section 12: Overview of Availability Check
Lecture 12 Overview of Availability Check
Section 13: Sales Document Types Customizing
Lecture 13 Sales Document Types Customizing
Section 14: Schedule Line Category
Lecture 14 Schedule Line Category
Section 15: Introduction to Incompletion Log
Lecture 15 Introduction to Incompletion Log
Section 16: Material Determination
Lecture 16 Material Determination
Section 17: Free Goods
Lecture 17 Free Goods
Section 18: Generating SD Invoices on a Specific Date
Lecture 18 Generating SD Invoices on a Specific Date
Any Functional or Technical consultant,SAP User und Consultants


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