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The Kennedy Withdrawal Camelot and the American Commitment to Vietnam [Audiobook]

The Kennedy Withdrawal Camelot and the American Commitment to Vietnam [Audiobook]
The Kennedy Withdrawal: Camelot and the American Commitment to Vietnam (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BLXM3Y5L | 2022 | 10 hours and 53 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 307 MB
Author: Marc J. Selverstone
Narrator: Lee Goettl

In October 1963, the White House publicly proposed the removal of US troops from Vietnam, earning President Kennedy an enduring reputation as a skeptic on the war. In fact, Kennedy was ambivalent about withdrawal and was largely detached from its planning. Marc J. Selverstone reveals that the withdrawal statement gave Kennedy political cover, allowing him to sustain support for US military assistance. Its details were the handiwork of Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, whose ownership of the plan distanced it from the president. Selverstone's use of the presidential tapes, alongside declassified documents, memoirs, and oral histories, lifts the veil on this legend of Camelot.

Withdrawal planning was never just about Vietnam as it evolved over the course of fifteen months. For McNamara, it injected greater discipline into the US assistance program. For the military, it was largely an unwelcome exercise. For JFK, it allowed him to preserve the US commitment while ostensibly limiting it. The Kennedy Withdrawal offers an inside look at presidential decision-making in this liminal period of the Vietnam War and makes clear that portrayals of Kennedy as a dove are overdrawn. His proposed withdrawal was in fact a cagey strategy for keeping the United States involved in the fight-a strategy the country adopted decades later in Afghanistan.

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