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The Art of Shralpinism Lessons from the Mountains [Audiobook]

The Art of Shralpinism Lessons from the Mountains [Audiobook]
The Art of Shralpinism: Lessons from the Mountains (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BJYBFW3L | 2022 | 11 hours and 9 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 314 MB
Author: Jeremy Jones
Narrator: Gary Tiedemann

Not a technical guide on snowboarding but, rather, a very personal approach to how to think about mountains, snow, and adventure, The Art of Shralpinism reflects the remarkable journey of snowboarding superstar Jeremy Jones. Drawing on the hundreds of journals he has kept over the years, Jones offers intriguing snapshots of time and place that include his own on-the-slope stories and white-out moments. Shralpinism is a compendium of lessons hard won: quick tips, sound advice, and impactful stories. Learn which aspects of avalanche training are most crucial to absorb, ways to anticipate slope behavior or recognize clean lines, how to cut a cornice or develop safety protocols, how to build a fitness routine, the art of the turn, and keys to developing terrain and skills progression. Jones discusses the importance of mentors, the necessity and intensity of practice, the nature of risk, and the shape of failure. But at its heart, The Art of Shralpinism revels in the power of experience, the impact of stoke, and the beauty that underscores all outdoor adventure.

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