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Accountable The Rise of Citizen Capitalism [Audiobook]

Accountable The Rise of Citizen Capitalism [Audiobook]
Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0821TDGG3 | 2020 | 9 hours and 5 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 259 MB
Author: Michael O'Leary, Warren Valdmanis
Narrator: Joe Knezevich

This provocative book takes us inside the fight to save capitalism from itself. Corporations are broken, reflecting no purpose deeper than profit. But the tools we are relying on to fix them - corporate social responsibility, divestment, impact investing, and government control - risk making our problems worse. With lively storytelling and careful analysis, O'Leary and Valdmanis cut through the tired dogma of current economic thinking to reveal a hopeful truth: If we can make our corporations accountable to a deeper purpose, we can make capitalism both prosperous and good.

What happens when the sustainability-driven CEO of Unilever takes on the efficiency-obsessed Warren Buffett? Does Kellogg's - a company founded to serve a healthy breakfast - have a sacred duty to sell sugary cereal if that's what maximizes profit? For decades, government has tried to curb CEO pay but failed. Why? Can Harvard students force the university to divest from oil and gas? Does it even matter if they do? O'Leary and Valdmanis, two iconoclastic investors, take us on a fast-paced insider's journey that will change the way we look at corporations. Likely to spark controversy among cynics and dreamers alike, this book is essential listening for anyone with a stake in reforming capitalism - which means all of us.

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