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Personal Finance for Beginners & Dummies Managing Your Money

Personal Finance for Beginners & Dummies Managing Your Money
English | MP3 | M4B | ASIN: B086VJBWT7 | 2020 | 1h 13m | 100.3 MB
Your personal finance should be your number one priority in your life. Making small changes can lead to big financial outcomes. We will explore 50 different personal finance tips that will not only boost your income, but also make you more financially savvy, confident, and prepared.

Start now, and change your financial future.
I will be sharing with you things that pertain to how you can save money.
Why am I doing this? Why is it so important that you know how to save money? Why can't we just spend all the money and income that we make from our hard work and not think about tomorrow?
Before we get to solutions, I want you to know that the financial world is a volatile one, as such, and anyone who wants to survive the volatility that comes with it must be armed with the right mind-set, steps, and tips.
You will discover the secrets to maintaining financial health which will also benefit you in other areas of life in this audiobook.


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