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The Wallet Allocation Rule Winning the Battle for Share [Audiobook]

The Wallet Allocation Rule Winning the Battle for Share [Audiobook]
English | ASIN: B08DH42TRY | 2020 | 5 hours and 48 minutes | MP3 | M4B | 159 MB
The Wallet Allocation Rule is a revolutionary, definitive guide for winning the battle for share of customers' hearts, minds, and wallets. Backed by rock-solid science published in the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, this landmark book introduces a new and rigorously tested approach - the wallet allocation rule - that is proven to link to the most important measure of customer loyalty: share of wallet. Companies currently spend billions of dollars each year measuring and managing metrics like customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS) to improve customer loyalty. These metrics, however, have almost no correlation to share of wallet.
As a result the returns on investments designed to improve the customer experience are frequently near zero, even negative. With The Wallet Allocation Rule, managers finally have the missing link to business growth within their grasp - the ability to link their existing metrics to the share of spending that customers allocate to their brands. By applying the wallet allocation rule, managers get real insight into the money they currently get from their customers, the money available to be earned by them, and what it takes to get it. The Wallet Allocation Rule provides managers with a blueprint for sustainable long-term growth.

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