Religion in America The Basics, 2nd Edition

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Religion in America The Basics, 2nd Edition
Religion in America: The basics: Second Edition
by Michael Pasquier

English | 2023 | ISBN: 0367691809 | 200 pages | True PDF | 5.4 MB

Religion in America: The Basics is a concise introduction to the historical development of religions in the United States.
It is an invitation to explore the complex tapestry of religious beliefs and practices that shaped life in North America from the colonial encounters of the fifteenth century to the culture wars of the twenty-first century. Far from a people unified around a common understanding of Christianity, Religion in America: The Basics tracks the steady diversification of the American religious landscape and the many religious conflicts that have changed American society. At the same time, it explores how Americans from a variety of religious backgrounds worked together to face the challenges of racism, poverty, war, and other social concerns.
This thoroughly revised second edition now covers the Obama and Trump administrations, Black Lives Matter, Christian nationalism, pluralism, and the development of the "nones" and the "unaffiliated." With each chapter featuring concise summaries and suggested further readings, this book is an invaluable resource for students approaching the history of religion in America for the first time.

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