Content Distribution for Mobile Internet A Cloud-based Approach (2nd Edition)

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Content Distribution for Mobile Internet A Cloud-based Approach (2nd Edition)
Content Distribution for Mobile Internet: A Cloud-based Approach (2nd Edition)
English | 2023 | ISBN: 9811969817 | 428 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 27 MB
Content distribution, i.e., distributing digital content from one node to another node or multiple nodes, is the most fundamental function of the Internet. Since Amazon's launch of EC2 in 2006 and Apple's release of the iPhone in 2007, Internet content distribution has shown a strong trend toward polarization. On the one hand, considerable investments have been made in creating heavyweight, integrated data centers ("heavy-cloud") all over the world, in order to achieve economies of scale and high flexibility/efficiency of content distribution. On the other hand, end-user devices ("light-end") have become increasingly lightweight, mobile and heterogeneous, creating new demands concerning traffic usage, energy consumption, bandwidth, latency, reliability, and/or the security of content distribution. Based on comprehensive real-world measurements at scale, we observe that existing content distribution techniques often perform poorly under the abovementioned new circumstances.

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