Stories from small museums

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Stories from small museums
Fiona Candlin, "Stories from small museums"
English | ISBN: 1526166860 | 2022 | 224 pages | PDF | 45 MB
During the late twentieth century, the number of museums in the UK dramatically increased. Typically small and independent, the new museums concentrated on local history, war and transport. This book asks who founded them, how and why.

In order to find out more, Fiona Candlin, a professor in museology, and Toby Butler, an expert oral historian, travelled around the UK to meet the individuals, families, community groups and special interest societies who established the museums. The rich oral histories they collected provide a new account of recent museum history - one that weaves together personal experience and social change while putting ordinary people at the heart of cultural production.
Combining academic rigour with a lively writing style, Stories from small museums is essential reading for students and museum enthusiasts alike.
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